[SOGo] Autocomplete shows all addresses on database

2011-12-16 Thread Juanjo Garcia
think if I set isAddressBook = NO it never would be shown. Any help? Thanks. -- Juanjo Garcia jua...@digitalvalue.es mailto:jua...@digitalvalue.es Digital Value S.L. http://www.digitalvalue.es Tel. 96.316.20.89 Fax 96.373.85.07 Ausias March 104, Accs. - Valencia - -- users@sogo.nu https

[SOGo] authenticationFilter is not in use with autocomplete

2011-12-20 Thread Juanjo Garcia
I'm using authenticationFilter on mysql and it works fine with numerical clauses, but I've seen that this clause is not in use when filling autocomplete fields for ACL, mostly because you don't want to give permissions to anyone who can't access, and because it will offer a way to limit the users

Re: [SOGo] authenticationFilter is not in use with autocomplete

2012-01-05 Thread Juanjo Garcia
of providing a big list of users, filled with users which you can select, but they will never work. Profit from Open Source developments is hard to get, so I will take in consideration if there is any way to sponsor changes or features on SOGo development. Juanjo Garcia jua...@digitalvalue.es