[SOGo] SOGo uses/just drops a lot of Postgresql connections

2012-02-26 Thread Piet Hein
Dear SOGoers, I use SOGo 1.3.12 with Postgresql 9.1 on Linux (5 users on a 1.2Ghz VIA C7 with 1GB of RAM, 124 Postgresql connections, 2 SOGo workers), whenever one or a few users generate a load on SOGo (for example quickly change month views in the calendar) Postgresq runs out of free

[SOGo] is gdomap necessary?

2012-02-27 Thread Piet Hein
I wonder if running gdomap is necessary a properly functioning SOGo setup (on one host). A quick test (running SOGo with gdomap disabled) showed no issues. Is it safe to disable gdomap? -- users@sogo.nu https://inverse.ca/sogo/lists

[SOGo] 2 questions: number of db- connections gdomap service

2012-02-29 Thread Piet Hein
Hi, How many db-connections are expected with two workers and a few users switching month views with a few dozen appointments in view? I know I asked this not too long ago, but raising the number of connections available to postgres to 200 still does not make sure enough connections are

Re: [SOGo] is gdomap necessary?

2012-03-06 Thread Piet Hein
-sockets and ident authentication) more than 120 seems a bit excessive with 2 workers and 5 concurrent users.. Regards, Piet From: Francis Lachapelle flachape...@inverse.ca To: Piet Hein ex_ad...@yahoo.com Cc: users@sogo.nu users@sogo.nu Sent: Monday, March

Re: [SOGo] is gdomap necessary?

2012-03-07 Thread Piet Hein
From: André Schild an...@schild.ws This one ? https://inverse.ca/sogo/lists/arc/users/2012-02/msg00407.html Great, thanks for the tip, had not found that one!-- users@sogo.nu https://inverse.ca/sogo/lists

[SOGo] number of postgresql connections

2012-03-07 Thread Piet Hein
https://inverse.ca/sogo/lists/arc/users/2012-02/msg00407.html Reading there should be 3 connections (minimum) per sogo worker was a bit surprising to me in the light of the fact that I notice about about 60 postgresql connections with 2 workers just after 1 user logs into the calendar view

Re: [SOGo] Vacation, cronjob and sieve filter

2012-03-08 Thread Piet Hein
... Completely agree that sogo should manage this without cronjob, but inverse needs to support Cyrus which doesn't implement the sieve date extention:     http://www.sogo.nu/bugs/view.php?id=1530 ... I agree. But with Dovecot as sieveIMAP provider I limited the issues mentioned in the bug

Re: [SOGo] notification in apple iCal

2012-03-11 Thread Piet Hein
I don't think server push features are implemented in SOGo (yet?). Afaik it's not in the CalDAV specifications. Apple uses an own extension to realise server push features, I believe it uses XMPP. Your clients should update their data if you manually refresh your client, you should be able to

[SOGo] Feature idea: Calendar aggregation feature

2012-03-13 Thread Piet Hein
I might have missed its existence, but I believe a feature to aggregate multipe calendars into one would be a nice features. We use a few calendars each and subscribing/managing subscriptions to them is a bit of a hassle. Having an option in SOGo to automatically subscribe to another user's

Re: [SOGo] CardDAV-HTTP(S)-address

2012-03-15 Thread Piet Hein
From: Tao te Puh taote...@e-sol.utions.de To: users@sogo.nu Sent: Thursday, March 15, 2012 5:37 AM Subject: [SOGo] CardDAV-HTTP(S)-address Hello, is there an easy way to find out the CardDAV-HTTP(S)-address of an address book? I mean as simple as it is for CalDAV-HTTP(S)-addresses

Re: [SOGo] CardDAV-HTTP(S)-address

2012-03-15 Thread Piet Hein
, but if it does it's fairly easy. Sorry Piet Hein, you misread Tao te Puh's  question. He wants to get the URLs for address books not calendars. ... I see I have not misread the question, but mistyped my answer.  The only thing you have to change is 'so' to 'dav'. You get an URL like: https

Re: [SOGo] CardDAV-HTTP(S)-address

2012-03-15 Thread Piet Hein
- Original Message - From: Christian Mack christian.m...@uni-konstanz.de ... Nope, when you call Properties on an address book you only get a frame to change the name of the address book. There is no URL to copy. You have to use either an existing address card or a new one in the

Re: [SOGo] Birthday reminder

2012-03-16 Thread Piet Hein
From: Christian Mack christian.m...@uni-konstanz.de ... Or is there a tool which generates repeating events from the birthday information? None that I know of. If you find one, please post it here. You might look into making something something suitable for you yourself using the

[SOGo] mail address handling in 1.3.13

2012-03-17 Thread Piet Hein
SOGo users in our directory have multiple 'mail'-fields in their LDAP profiles. I believe SOGo used to pick the first one as primary address (when searching the directory/using the scheduling assistant that address would be displayed). Now an array of mail addresses is shown (for example:

[SOGo] SOGo package for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

2012-04-27 Thread Piet Hein
Hi SOGo-list, As many probably will know Ubuntu has released a new long time support version, 12.04 Precise Pangolin. Many users of previous versions might want to update in the near future (I already had ;) ) so it would be ice to have  packages for this version available soon, any timeline

Re: [SOGo] SOGo package for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

2012-04-27 Thread Piet Hein
From: Christian Mack christian.m...@uni-konstanz.de As you already have it. Do they ship Thunderbird 10 ESR version with it? Hello Christian, No, Thunderbird 11.01 I don't have Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on a desktop yet by the way, only on a headless server. Regards, Piet-- users@sogo.nu

Re: [SOGo] SOGo doesn't display email anymore

2012-05-27 Thread Piet Hein
Do you have error messages from the IMAP-daemon as well? From: James James jre...@gmail.com To: users@sogo.nu Sent: Sunday, May 27, 2012 10:36 AM Subject: Re: [SOGo] SOGo doesn't display email anymore After some investigations I've got this error message :

Re: [SOGo] SOGo uses/just drops a lot of Postgresql connections

2012-06-23 Thread Piet Hein
... I notice a lot of 'unexpected EOF on client connection' messages being generated by Postgresql. ... I still have loads of these messages in my Postgresql log files, about three a minute. Really makes it harder to find more meaningful entries in the log. Can this somehow be fixed? --

Re: [SOGo] ANN: SOGo v1.3.17

2012-07-29 Thread Piet Hein
Just a quick question about the shell script sql-update-1.3.16_to_1.3.17.sh: should it be run as the user sogo is run as? From: Francis Lachapelle flachape...@inverse.ca To: users@sogo.nu Sent: Thursday, July 26, 2012 5:31 PM Subject: [SOGo] ANN: SOGo v1.3.17

Re: [SOGo] ANN: SOGo v1.3.17

2012-07-30 Thread Piet Hein
sql-update-1.3.16_to_1.3.17.sh: should it be run as the user sogo is run as? The shell Script asks you for an DB username, its password and SOGos DB name. It does not really matter which user you use for running the script. Just be sure the DB user you choose as enough rights on your SOGo DB.

[SOGo] Behavior when deleting multiple instances of recurring items

2012-08-15 Thread Piet Hein
I have not yet searched the bugs-database, but I have just been notified that selecting multiple instances (by control-clicking) of recurring items in the web interface and deleting them will delete the main/all instances of the selected items. Performing the operation when only one item is

[SOGo] PostgreSQL update to 9.1.5 apparently breaks SOGo on Ubuntu 12.04 server

2012-08-21 Thread Piet Hein
I have updated the PostgreSQL server on my Ubuntu 12.04 system from 9.1.4 to 9.1.5. Apparently this breaks SOGo, I believe sogod crashed after the update and I cannot get it to run again, I have not yet done any investigation into the cause. Is this behavior expected? After going through the

Re: [SOGo] SOGo uses/just drops a lot of Postgresql connections

2012-09-26 Thread Piet Hein
I still have a lot of issues with SOGo's use of Postgresql connections, just a few users (2-3 concurrent), a few calendars (5 users, 5 calendars/person, all with some sharing permissions) but i still run out of the 160 connections I set the limit to. Is this normal behavior or should I check

[SOGo] SOGo 2.0

2012-09-27 Thread Piet Hein
I have just updated SOGo to 2.0. I must say version 2.0 looks fine, the little makeover SOGo has a little more modern appearance now. Everything appears to work smoothly (I will test if anything changed on my 'running out of PostgreSQL connections'-issue, but considering the changelog I would

[SOGo] First character omitted from mail title in SOGo mail module

2012-10-26 Thread Piet Hein
I have noticed (in SOGo 2.02) the first character of the title is frequently deleted in the overview mail module (so for example 'he event ...' is displayed instead of 'The event ... or 'vent Invitation ...' instead of 'Event Invitation ...'). The raw mail data are all right (the source display