Re: [SOGo] notification in apple iCal

2012-03-13 Thread Thomas Paduch
*mhmmm* I don't think this depends on the push feature. We test the Apple iCal behavior also by importing the ics files (send by sogo via mail). same behavior ... no notification appear in the notification box. If we modifing the ics file and change the following line METHOD:request to

[SOGo] Apple iCal vs. daylight time vs. RRULE

2012-03-28 Thread Thomas Paduch
Hi there, since last weekend (switch to daylight time) there is an strange behavior with Apple iCal (4.0.4 / Snow Leopard) and Events created via Web GUI. All Events appears 1 hour later in Apple iCal. Events created with iCal or Thunderbird+Lightning displayed still correctly in Apple iCal.

[SOGo] Apple iCal vs. serverside changed events

2012-06-14 Thread Thomas Paduch
Hi list, if the organisor of an event is using Apple iCal and invites an ressource wich will autoaccept or an group which will autoexpand to their members at the server side the organisor iCal did not notice the change. I think the iCal change / write the event to the server PUT

[SOGo] show time as free vs. resource availability

2015-11-18 Thread Thomas Paduch
Hi all, when the organizer mark an event as "show time as free" the inivited resource(s) will also shown as available for further bookings. But if someone add one of those resources to an other event, the server will reject the event (multiplebookings=1). Is this the right behavior or should I