[SOGo] Armel binaries for Debian Squeeze

2011-12-07 Thread alex1452
Dear Sogo-Team, Could you also provide armel binaries on the Debian repository? Would like to use them on Kirkwood. Are there any plans to add these binaries? Regards, Alex -- NEU: FreePhone - 0ct/min Handyspartarif mit Geld-zurück-Garantie! Jetzt informieren:

Re: [SOGo] Armel binaries for Debian Squeeze

2011-12-08 Thread alex1452
Hi, Thank you very much for the links! However my question was really about the repository: I already managed to compile and run SOGo on my Dockstar. I have to re-do this every time there is an update to SOGo. With the repository I could simply run an apt-get update and upgrade. Do you think