using the deploy task in the newer versions of Tomcat are failing for the most part..

2018-06-16 Thread Johan Compagner
Hi, this discussion was already done more on this list, but i wanted to pin point it a bit more because i do think tomcat should fix this (or in tomcat or do pre emptive authentication in the deploy task (allow this at least)) currently in a new version of Tomcat it is very hard to deploy large

Production Tomcat 8.5.5 suddenly started to give ClassNotFoundError

2018-06-16 Thread Mladen Adamović
Hi all, I have a production Tomcat server and this morning it started to give strange ClassNotFoundError for stuff which was working for years without a problem. I did redeploy app (by copying into the dir and deleting their ROOT), but it didn't solve the issue, same ClassNotFoundException. On

Re: Tomcat Installation on Windows

2018-06-16 Thread Mark Thomas
On 15/06/18 17:33, Lemke, Michael ST/HZA-ZIC2 wrote: > So the most important part for me was that you have to create > CATALINA_BASE yourself and put some files from the distribution there. > I wish tomcat came with a script which does this. But once you know > what is required it isn’t hard