Tomcat7.0.42 shutdown problems

2013-09-19 Thread Beutel, Stephan
Hello, I want to stop installed Windows service in command line using 'Tomcat7.exe stop SERVICENAME'. With Tomcat 7.0.35 it works well. With 7.0.42 I always get an error code 6 and the service isn't stopped. Here's the log output from commons-daemon.log: [2013-09-19 01:32:40] [info] [ 3816]

Define static html page or servlet if war is missing

2014-01-03 Thread Beutel, Stephan
Hello, I want to display a static html page to the user if he wants to access a missing application. The goal is to display this page while updating (redeploy) the application to Tomcat. If the application is available, the user must access the application. Is there a possibility to do this?