Re: VI project management

2006-10-25 Hội thoại Clytie Siddall

Hello all :)

On 24/10/2006, at 7:58 PM, Charles Schulz wrote:

I hope you are all going to put yourself at work;

That's the crucial thing, isn't it? I'm certainly happy to welcome  
and cooperate with anyone who contributes actively to the project.

the vi project has
always operated on limited ressources,

It still does. ;)

but the coming of Clytie, Vu Do
Quynh is a very good thing and will bring more manpower to it.

Um, people power. ;)  (I'm female.)

Good luck
and feel free to let me know if you need anything!

Thanks, we will ask. Right now, we're in the middle of the release  
schedule for the first time, so its all very new!


PS: Clytie, do you speak french? :-)

Naturellement. Cependant, puisque j'ai été si malade, je ne peux pas  
accéder à la plupart de mes langues (en raison des dommages de  
cerveau). Je peux lire toujours des Français, par exemple, mais quand  
j'atteins pour les mots, pour dire quelque chose, elles ne sont pas  
là. Ainsi mon écriture est très lente et incorrecte. Désolé à ce  
sujet. :(

from Clytie (vi-VN, Vietnamese free-software translation team / nhóm  
Việt hóa phần mềm tự do)

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Re: VI project management

2006-10-24 Hội thoại Clytie Siddall

Hello all :)

I've been sending copies of our mails to .  
Would you like to continue there? Or is this more effective?

On 23/10/2006, at 9:21 PM, Dao-Duy Pierre wrote:

Hello Charles, Louis, Nam, Anh Vu Do Quynh and Chi. Chytie,

I'm just come back from San Francisco.
I'm apologized because I read Charles's email on Saturday morning  
but I was too tired to answer immediately.

Charles' email is not the first information on the activity in our  
project. There has been activity on the  
mailing list since early May this year, including pleas for  
participation. Is there some reason why you have not responded to any  
of this? It has meant we were not even aware that you were involved  
in the project.

Nam had contacted us, and his work is the basis of our continuation.  
His name is on the OOo official table. The only way we could know if  
you were involved, is if you participated in the project. I do not  
understand why you have not participated in any way.

I gather, from people outside the VI project, that you were fortunate  
enough to be able to attend the OOo Con. We would certainly have  
appreciated seeing some comment by you about that event.

So this morning, I’m very please to see that there is a lot of  
discussion on viooo during last week-end. Once again, I’m very  
sorry not participating in your previous exchange. But that #%£$§!  
jet lag takes me far from my computer all these 2 days.

The lists, and the project, have all been active for six months.

There are a lot of point raise by Anh Vu Do Quynh. I will answer in  
detail later.

How ever the main idea is that the viooo web site is obsolete. In  
that point I totally agree with Anh Vu Do Quynh. The text and link  
are not good, and so on...

It takes a few minutes to update a webpage. The last modification  
date on the webpages (before Quynh's recent upload  
of his translated documents) is _years_ ago.

The main cause is despite Nam and the VI l10n team great effort and  
work, we don’t have enough resources to follow OOo release  
schedule and compile an up to date Vietnamese version.

Why does this stop you putting a few sentences on a webpage? At least  
then, the community would know what is going on.

So, we have some viOOo beta version but no official release.

We will have an official release with OOo 2.1. This achievement has  
not required much in the way of resources (except sustained effort),  
and certainly no funding. It has been completely voluntary. It owes a  
great deal to Nam's previous work, which we appreciate very much.

We do hope to have some funding support in distributing CDs. A number  
of organizations have shown interest in promoting our release. But  
all of this information is on the lists, and on our temporary project  
page (in both English and Vietnamese). The location of this page has  
been mentioned on the lists in both languages. So any member of the  
project is aware of it.

I’ve explain our difficulties to Pavel Janik during the Lyon OOo  
meeting and he says that we’re better based our installation  
process on the VI language package. It makes the user installation  
a little more difficult, but it will be fully supported by OOo core  
team. So if the VI l10n team agree with that solution we will  
release soon a new user installation guide.  And things will go on  
and change...

Please send as much information on this proposal as possible, to the  
lists. This is certainly something we need to discuss, especially  
with the release imminent. Please give us a link to your work on the  
new installation guide: it would be a big help. :)

Talk does not achieve anything without effort. I want to see  
something you have _done_. I have great respect for effort,  
especially consistent effort. It produces results.

Last think I would like to answer before I stop, is there is a mis  
understand with Anh Vu Do Quynh. I’ve already granted him a long  
time ago the Content Developer right when he asks me. With that  
role he was able to upload his document and update the main Tai  
lieu web page as we agree togather. All he have to do is to open an  
issue and submit his ssh key.

I will appreciate, in general, to be involved firstly in all  
questions around viOOo nativ Lang project. This is the normal  
entry. And if someone doesn’t agree with my answers, you are  
always free to contact Charles or Louis.  But there is no reason to  
disturb them without that.

You have been involved from the beginning, via the lists. Are you not  
reading and Since  
we weren't aware that you were participating, due to no evidence of  
participation, we could not possibly know that you wanted to be  
contacted. Even after repeated pleas for participation, both on the lists and on the main vi_VN list, you did not  
respond. I don't think it's reasonable