Re: Best practice on i18n

2011-01-30 Thread Hans Lesmeister
The only relevant technical point here is Inheritance. If Component A inherits Component B, then the properties would have to be repeated in the property file corresponding to the inherited Component as i don't think properties follow inheritance rules (imo). Component B inherits the

Re: User configuration files

2011-01-30 Thread Christian Grobmeier
Igor, thanks for your excellent tipps. the application settings are meant there for you to configure wicket, not your own application. If ApplicationSettings is not to store settings for your application, then I feel this name confusing. In the past years the name webapp referred to my own

Re: Adding attribute to selected menu item

2011-01-30 Thread msj121
Well there are a couple ways of doing this I recently dealt with this same problem. You can in fact use some Javascript on the onClick of your item (or onHover) to add to the affect, but either way you will want to have your default menu item selected from the get go when they are on that

Wicket Tutorial Videos

2011-01-30 Thread msj121
I was making some Wicket Tutorial Videos on Just curious if there are very common questions with Wicket that appear on the boards a lot, maybe I should make some quick video tutorials for them to make people's lives a little easier. You can check what I already have,

Strange Serialization Error

2011-01-30 Thread Michael Laccetti
Pastebin link to the stack: I've done as much searching online to see if anybody else had this error, but I've come up empty. I was originally using 1.4.14 but have switched to see if 1.4.15 fixed it (nope). Anybody have any ideas? Michael

Re: Strange Serialization Error

2011-01-30 Thread Pedro Santos
The error is in PivotConfiguration equals method implementation. It is possible trying to convert the object being tested to an PivotConfiguration to test its properties, but you can't assume that only PivotConfiguration objects will to be tested on this method. On Sun, Jan 30, 2011 at 6:42 PM,

RE: Strange Serialization Error

2011-01-30 Thread Michael Laccetti
Yup - very true; I hadn't noticed that. All sorts of casts in the .equals that didn't validate that the inbound object was even of the same type. Fixed that and magically it went away. Thanks! -Original Message- From: Pedro Santos [] Sent: January-30-11

Re: How to do setResponsePage after alert message pressed ok?

2011-01-30 Thread rolandpeng
This is what I have done and that works fine.Thank you for your hint! new AjaxCallDecorator() { @Override public CharSequence decorateScript(CharSequence script) { return if(!confirm('確定返回嗎?')){return false;}; + script; }