Error with link in DataTable together with AjaxEventBehavior(onclick)

2012-05-05 Thread bjolletz
Hi, I have a DataTable. In this DataTable I want to be able to click on the rows in the table to make some stuff happen (by Ajax), for example highlighting the current row. To implement this I am overriding the newRow method in DataTable and adding an AjaxEventBehavior(onclick) to each row item.

RE: Store models short-term

2012-05-05 Thread JASON HOLT
Thanks dretzlaff for your reponse. Indeed overriding detach elicits the behavior I desired. Per your warnings, I should determine if this approach is really more efficient. I wonder how many occasions in my programming career I've assumed my way is best, when the complete opposite is true...

Re: Store models short-term

2012-05-05 Thread Jeremy Thomerson
On Fri, May 4, 2012 at 6:15 PM, Dan Retzlaff wrote: I'll mention one hack for which another Wicket user should rightly reprimand me. As I mentioned recently, Wicket keeps the most recently accessed page is a deserialized state to optimize serving the next request. All

Re: Store models short-term

2012-05-05 Thread Dan Retzlaff
Yes, you still deal with detached entities (LazyInitializationException, StaleStateException, last writer wins, etc). And worse in my opinion, it makes things different when responding from the latest page vs. a page recovered with the back button, or if another window/tab has made an intervening