Re: Select2Choice dropdown box is not appeared in correct position

2013-01-02 Thread Thomas Götz
Currently analyzing. I found out that if you do not add the datepicker then the select2 component is displayed correctly … -Tom On 21.12.2012, at 03:36, Madasamy mcruncher wrote: Here i am attached quickstart project. To recreate problem to follow steps 1.

Re: Select2Choice dropdown box is not appeared in correct position

2013-01-02 Thread Thomas Götz
Everything works fine if you use the current version of wiquery-jquery-ui (6.2.0) … -Tom - To unsubscribe, e-mail: For additional commands, e-mail:

Re: JPA annotations

2013-01-02 Thread Jochen Mader
I think you should first understand what the different JPA-annotations actually do. @Entity, @Table, @Id, @GeneratedValue are annotations used on the entity level to tell the mapper what to do with properties. These informations are of no interest to Wicket. @EJB, @PersistenceUnit, @Resource are

GMap3 drawing circle

2013-01-02 Thread lsm_7
Hi all, I have a web application which shows in a gmap component different points around user's position. The idea is to draw a circle of accuracy in user's position. Is there any way to do it without using GPolygon?? Thanks in advance! -- View this message in context:

Re: GMap3 drawing circle

2013-01-02 Thread Martin Grigorov
Hi, WicketStuff GMap3 project is just integration between Wicket and Google Maps. Maybe some Wicket user can answer your question but there is a bigger chance if you ask it in some Google Maps related forum, because there is nothing Wicket specific in the question. On Wed, Jan 2, 2013 at 12:47

Default selecting(highlighting) values from ListMultipleChoice

2013-01-02 Thread wicket_new_user
Hi, Is there a way to select the values (in other words, highlighting all the values in the box) from the ListMultipleChoice component ? i've an available and selected List boxes. when the item is moved from Available to Selected, making the item as highlighted. If the Highlight section is

Warning when filtering data table with map as filter state

2013-01-02 Thread Thor Åge Eldby
The examples I've seen using filtering on data table uses pojo model object with property model for the filter state. I don't like to change my model objects to accept the null-value fields that are needed for the filtering to work. Instead I use maps with property model. This work fine except for

GMap3 component problem in Table tag

2013-01-02 Thread chrome1235
Hi,When I use gmap3 component in table-tr-td tag, it does not show anything.Like;tablegt;lt;trgt;lt;tdgt; lt;div wicket:id=mapgt;Maplt;/divgt;lt;/tdgt; lt;/trgt;lt;/tablegt;But if I use it outside of the table tag, there is no

ResourceAggregator in Wicket 6.x

2013-01-02 Thread Simon B
Hi, I'm trying to aggregate my javascript files into one file and then get them placed at the bottom of the page just before the /body tag. I've looked at the example here: I've managed to copy the example so that the

Re: Select2Choice dropdown box is not appeared in correct position

2013-01-02 Thread Madasamy mcruncher
Thank you so much.i migrated wiquery-jquery-ui version to 6.2.0 now it is working fine.