Re: wicket-el - is this a safe way to hook into wicket?

2013-12-22 Thread Steve
On 19/12/13 18:45, Martin Grigorov wrote: So far no one needed to add custom MarkupElements and that's why it is not very easy. You can fork Wicket and create a branch where you can make modifications to make it easier and later we can review the needed changes and probably apply them back

Re: searching for a Rich text editor

2013-12-22 Thread Anton Bessonov
Hello Dirk, I'm not on the track, but this RTEs are just javascript helper to create html documents. What do you see? Do you check that javascript loaded, or html be escaped? But in generally, it should just work. Have you see some examples from wicketstuff:

Re: Lazyload does not work with deployment mode

2013-12-22 Thread Gerrit Wassink
Hello, How did you manage to get your wicket application running on a tomcat server?I am developing in development mode with jetty server.Can you give me workaround how to do it? Many thanks in advance! Greetings Gerrit letien , 21-12-2013 14:20: hi Guys, I just


2013-12-22 Thread Pierre Goupil
Good afternoon, I'm currently struggling with wicketstuff-facebook 6.12.0 with the same version of Wicket. I'm unable to have the logged in callback executed. Here is my code: final LoginButton button = new LoginButton(loginButton, FacebookPermission.user_events);

Re: Generate PDF

2013-12-22 Thread Abigail
Hi there I am a beginner of PDF processing .And i am looking for a PDF processing program.I know there are many third party program which supports to process PDF files.But i want to get a free trial package before i decided to