2014-09-30 Thread manoj kumar
Hi, Is There a DateTimePicker component for Wicket as below: The Component mentioned above has only Date Component i want to know is there a Date Range Picker along with Time Component. Thanks

Re: DateTimeRangePicker

2014-09-30 Thread Martin Grigorov
Hi, I haven't seen such JavaScript widget so far. Do you know one ? If it supports Bootstrap ( then I'll be glad to add integration for it to Martin Grigorov Wicket Training and Consulting On Tue, Sep

Re: AjaxFormChoiceComponentUpdatingBehavior CheckGroup and CheckGroupSelector

2014-09-30 Thread pureza
Martin Grigorov-4 wrote I'd write a custom selector that changes the checkboxes's state to 'selected' and then uses ajax to make a batch update. Hi, Could you expand on this, please? I have the exact same problem. Thanks, Luis Pureza -- View this message in context:

FormValidators and messages property file

2014-09-30 Thread msalman
Hi, I have created form validator classes as shown below. The problem is that the code is not picking up messages from the corresponding '' file in the same package. It works if the messages are in the or file. I can see

Re: AjaxSubmitLink not working when fileUpload in Form

2014-09-30 Thread cojy
Hello, Thank you for your feedback. So I took the example and started adding my code and it works ! After multiple comparisons and some tests I found out that the problem is in the HTML and arises when the input type=submit name=submit/ is inside the form /form tags. So no issue whatsoever having

Re: FormValidators and messages property file

2014-09-30 Thread Martin Grigorov
Hi, According to it should work ! There is even a test for this:

Re: how to connect elements - label and input (checkbox)

2014-09-30 Thread miguel
wow this is the strangest thing. i searched for the same thing a year later (to the day almost) and again its a silly agree to terms checkbox and guess what... wicket 6.17.0 seems to have the same problem... -- View this message in context: