Re: wicket job opportunity, we are hiring

2012-06-05 Thread Cedric Gatay
Hi Igor, this is an interesting opportunity, too bad it is time zone limited. I hope you'll find somebody. __ Cedric Gatay | | @Cedric_Gatay On Tue, Jun 5, 2012 at 10:37 PM, Igor Vaynberg igor.vaynb

Re: Migration from wicket 1.4.x

2012-07-03 Thread Cedric Gatay
Hello, I've done such a migration from 1.4.x to 1.5.7 in two days for roughly 100k SLOC. Then migration to 6.0 is a breeze... __ Cedric Gatay | | @Cedric_Gatay On Tue, Jul 3, 2012 at 1:18 PM, Martin Grigorov mgrigo

Re: Close ModalWindow on keypress (ESC)

2012-08-17 Thread Cedric Gatay
()) .append(POST_JS).toString(), closeModalOnEsc); } } You'll need to adapt it if you're not using JQuery in your project. All you have to do is add this behavior on your modal window. Regards, __ Cedric Gatay |

Re: Twitter Bootstrap in Wicket

2012-10-12 Thread Cedric Gatay
I guess you're talking about the first conditional comments in the markup of HTML5 Boilerplate ( Am I right ? __ Cedric Gatay | | @Cedric_Gatay On Fri

Re: [Announce] Apache Wicket 6.3.0 released

2012-11-20 Thread Cedric Gatay
Congrats ! __ Cedric Gatay | | @Cedric_Gatay On Tue, Nov 20, 2012 at 4:56 PM, Martijn Dashorst wrote: The Apache Wicket PMC is proud to announce Apache Wicket 6.3.0! This release marks

Re: After/before creation or serialization

2012-11-25 Thread Cedric Gatay
, ClassNotFoundException { //provide your own logic } Regards, __ Cedric Gatay | | @Cedric_Gatay On Sun, Nov 25, 2012 at 1:28 PM, Oscar Besga Arcauz obe...@isdefe.eswrote: Hi wickers ! Is there a method

Re: Strange behavior of TextField and AjaxFormComponentUpdatingBehavior

2012-11-28 Thread Cedric Gatay
For the placeholder thing you can use the standard HTML5 way with a polyfill such as the following (with Modernizr it will only be loaded if the client need it) : __ Cedric Gatay |

Re: Invitation to use Google Talk

2013-01-09 Thread Cedric Gatay
Sorry I think I made a bad click yesterday evening when trying to compose the devoxx topic. C ya Le 8 janv. 2013 17:25, Google Talk a écrit : --- You've been invited by Cedric Gatay to use Google Talk

Re: [Announce] Introducing Wicked Charts

2013-01-19 Thread Cedric Gatay
Hi Tom, you did a great work, I'm looking forward this project to use it in SRMvision platform (we're actually using Google Visualization, but it has a lot of drawbacks). Regards, Cedric __ Cedric Gatay | | @Cedric_Gatay

Re: Component to String

2013-01-24 Thread Cedric Gatay
well with Wicket 6 (written for 1.5). Regards, __ Cedric Gatay | | @Cedric_Gatay On Thu, Jan 24, 2013 at 5:25 PM, Steve Lowery slow...@gatessolutions.comwrote: I found several threads on the user list about

Re: Component to String

2013-01-24 Thread Cedric Gatay
after. N On Thu, Jan 24, 2013 at 1:04 PM, Francois Meillet wrote: Hi Cedric, Great ! It works on 6.5 François Le 24 janv. 2013 à 17:39, Cedric Gatay a écrit : Hi, I recently needed to do this, I come with a simple

Re: Eclipse or IntelliJ

2013-02-19 Thread Cedric Gatay
At SRMvision we use exclusively IntelliJ for developping. Its excellent Maven support, smart completion and robustness made us forget eclipse very quickly. Le 19 févr. 2013 22:18, Stephen Walsh a écrit : Who uses what and why? I've only ever used Eclipse, but I

Re: get rid of LazyLoadException

2013-02-23 Thread Cedric Gatay
I think you need to carefully understand how the Hibernate Session works. This exception usually occurs when you try to access an object that has not been loaded from your database in your components but the session is already closed. Regards, __ Cedric Gatay | http

Re: Wicket, Heroku and scaling

2013-03-04 Thread Cedric Gatay
__ Cedric Gatay | | @Cedric_Gatay On Fri, Jan 11, 2013 at 4:13 PM, Jens Jahnke wrote: On Fri, 11 Jan 2013 09:59:35 -0500 William Speirs wrote: WS @Jens Jahnke if you do create

Re: Free Wicket guide now available!

2013-03-21 Thread Cedric Gatay
Thanks for your work Andrea ! Regards, __ Cedric Gatay | | @Cedric_Gatay On Thu, Mar 21, 2013 at 5:10 PM, Andrea Del Bene an.delb...@gmail.comwrote: Thank you Sebastien. I did my best to avoid this kinds of errors

Re: Ajax updating panel inside ModalWindow

2013-04-09 Thread Cedric Gatay
Could you provide a quick start reproducing this issue? Le 8 avr. 2013 23:20, jarnis a écrit : I have tried the ModalWindow both inside and outside an enclosing form, with no difference. I also tried to put updating behavior in the onClick method of an AjaxLink

Re: Wicket free guide updated.

2013-04-09 Thread Cedric Gatay
Great job Andrea, I am actually reading it, I'll try to provide my feedback when I'm done with it. Regards __ Cedric Gatay (@Cedric_Gatay | | On Tue, Apr 9, 2013 at 6:51 PM, Bertrand Guay

Re: Wicket with Scala Book or Deep/Complete tutorial

2013-04-21 Thread Cedric Gatay
Hi, I would add that if you want to understand Scala, you should take the Coursera course from Martin Odersky : Regards, __ Cedric Gatay (@Cedric_Gatay | | http

Re: Server and client side validation

2013-04-24 Thread Cedric Gatay
Thanks Martin, I was just wondering how I could do that. Nice library and nice integration with Wicket. Regards Le 24 avr. 2013 18:07, Martin Grigorov a écrit : Hi, I just posted a new article at about

Re: Server and client side validation

2013-04-30 Thread Cedric Gatay
Hi, Your blog post helped me write my first version of the integration between JSR303 (bean-validation) and client side validation using parsley.js. You can find the current work on this Github repository: Regards, __ Cedric Gatay

Re: Server and client side validation

2013-05-07 Thread Cedric Gatay
Hi Gabriel, the spin-off from Martin's blog post is available on Maven Central (via Sonatype OSS services). It depends on JSR303 though. Regards, __ Cedric Gatay (@Cedric_Gatay | | On Tue

Re: Server and client side validation

2013-05-08 Thread Cedric Gatay
Hi, I've not yet tried to plug it inside a modal window. But I see no reason for it to fail. Le 7 mai 2013 20:15, Gabriel Landon a écrit : Hi Cedric, Yes I've seen what you have done. Did you manage to make it works with forms in ModalWindow? Regards, Gabriel. --

Re: WicketTester CDI and WicketApplication

2013-06-01 Thread Cedric Gatay
, __ Cedric Gatay (@Cedric_Gatay | | On Sat, Jun 1, 2013 at 5:13 PM, David Beer wrote: Hi All I am having difficulty finding information on how I can create a CDI

Re: WicketTester CDI and WicketApplication

2013-06-02 Thread Cedric Gatay
Hi David, you can have a look at the base CDI enabled test class we're using at code-troopers in the following gist : Regards, __ Cedric Gatay (@Cedric_Gatay | | http

Re: Introduction and some questions about Wicket

2013-06-12 Thread Cedric Gatay
__ Cedric Gatay (@Cedric_Gatay) | | Hi guys, My name is Mike Pence. I think that I have dipped into this list a time or two in the past, but I am here, this time, with serious intent to use Wicket for a very big project -- big

Re: IInitializer order

2013-06-24 Thread Cedric Gatay
Hi, You can write your own IStringResourceLoader providing your set of translations and register it in front of the list through the IInitializer mechanism. Regards, Le 24 juin 2013 07:12, Marios Skounakis a écrit : Hi all, I am developing a framework library with wicket

Re: [ANNOUNCE] Apache Wicket 6.9.0 released

2013-07-02 Thread Cedric Gatay
The JQuery bump can cause errors in custom JavaScript relying on an older version (deprecated methods removed). Maybe we should add to the release page a special note in the Upgrading from earlier version part ? __ Cedric Gatay (@Cedric_Gatay http://code

Re: Upgrade to wicket 6 giving blank page in IE 9

2013-07-11 Thread Cedric Gatay
Hi, what is the server environment you're facing this issue with? Did you change something else than Wicket version ? From which one are you coming from ? Thanks for the answers ! __ Cedric Gatay (@Cedric_Gatay |

RE: Upgrade to wicket 6 giving blank page in IE 9

2013-07-15 Thread Cedric Gatay
I think this is something browser related, IE while deciding which rendering technique to adopt can do strange queries. It could be interesting if you dumped what happens on network using IE or another "working" browser with your old non working code.Regards, __Cedric Gatay

Re: How to hide an optional Image component?

2013-07-16 Thread Cedric Gatay
Hi, a workaround could be returning an empty 1px*1px image from your IResource. This way browsers won't complain with invalid content as you encounter. Regards, __ Cedric Gatay (@Cedric_Gatay | | http

Re: Table with a lot of ajax links

2013-07-17 Thread Cedric Gatay
Hi,you can have a look at what Martin Grigorov is doing on It's exactly what you are talking about.Regards, On 17 juillet 2013 at 09:17:52, DaveS ( wrote: Hi guys, I am making table of some items. Table component is default

Re: wicket based e-mail UI

2013-07-17 Thread Cedric Gatay
Hi,I don't know such Wicket based application, however it could be a great project if you're willing to start it and OSS it, don't hesitate to tell the world on this mailing list to get some help.Regards, On 17 juillet 2013 at 20:06:09, Piratenvisier ( wrote: What do you

Re: FeedbackPanel customization

2013-07-17 Thread Cedric Gatay
Hi,the fix for the issue you face with Css classes has been integrated into Wicket 7.0 (, On 17 juillet 2013 at 22:54:37, Daniel Watrous ( wrote: Hi, I'm working on a modification of the FeedbackPanel to work better

Re: Reading placeholder parameters in mounted resources

2013-07-23 Thread Cedric Gatay
Hi, I think this is because you're mixing path parameters with query string one. It could be a bug, could you provide a quickstart with this to help us qualify and fix it if it is a bug. Regards, __ Cedric Gatay (@Cedric_Gatay | http

Re: Wicket Content Parameters

2013-07-31 Thread Cedric Gatay
We have a custom maven plugin aggregating multiple properties file into one per language. It checks and display (does not fail the build) if the number of keys is different. I will try to see if it can be open sourced soon if someone is interested in it. __ Cedric Gatay (@Cedric_Gatay http

Re: gmap2, wicket 6.9 and ajax refresh

2013-07-31 Thread Cedric Gatay
If I remember well click or on click should work, the on prefix is automatically removed if it is present. Regards, Le 31 juil. 2013 20:47, Gabriel Landon a écrit : Martin in the javadoc there's an example saying onclick. So should it be click? /** * Creates

Re: gmap2, wicket 6.9 and ajax refresh

2013-08-01 Thread Cedric Gatay
Looking at the code on my phone is not that easy, i had a wrong souvenir ;) __ Cedric Gatay (@Cedric_Gatay | | On Thu, Aug 1, 2013 at 9:04 AM, Martin Grigorov mgrigo...@apache.orgwrote

Re: Documentation for RequestLogger

2013-08-07 Thread Cedric Gatay
I guess he's talking of its current log4j setup which logs to stdout __ Cedric Gatay (@Cedric_Gatay | | On Wed, Aug 7, 2013 at 10:11 AM, Martin Grigorov mgrigo...@apache.orgwrote: On Wed

Re: Wicketsuff REST module.

2013-08-12 Thread Cedric Gatay
Hi there, nice work Andrea, I will try to have a look at the code to see if it looks like what we've done at SRMvision. Regards, __ Cedric Gatay (@Cedric_Gatay | | On Mon, Aug 12, 2013

Re: Wicket Content Parameters

2013-08-14 Thread Cedric Gatay
-properties-maven-plugin @Paul, feel free to fork, improve, and so on... Regards, __ Cedric Gatay (@Cedric_Gatay | | On Wed, Jul 31, 2013 at 7:39 PM, Paul Bors wrote: I won't

Re: Wicket merchandise

2013-09-19 Thread Cedric Gatay
+1 Andrea Del Bene +1 Martin Grigorov __ Cedric Gatay (@Cedric_Gatay | | On Thu, Sep 19, 2013 at 9:45 AM, Raul wrote: +1 Martin Grigorov -- View this message

Re: Get return value of ajax event in Wicket 6.9.1

2013-11-11 Thread Cedric Gatay
AFAIK the browser won't issue a new server call (or will not process the response) once the onunload event has been called so I doubt this will work (using the web inspector of your browser will allow you to check whether or not the call has been done) I second what Martin said, you need to add

Re: Get return value of ajax event in Wicket 6.9.1

2013-11-11 Thread Cedric Gatay
I was on my phone and didn't read that well the provided snippet, it should work fine then ;) __ Cedric Gatay (@Cedric_Gatay | | On Mon, Nov 11, 2013 at 4:05 PM, Martin Grigorov mgrigo

Re: New committer - Sebastien Briquet

2015-02-14 Thread Cedric Gatay
Congrats' Sebastien, looking forward to meeting you in an event in France ;) __ Cedric Gatay (@Cedric_Gatay | | | hopwork On Sat, Feb 14, 2015 at 1:06 PM, Andrea Del