auto-linking to (shared) resources in a parent-relative path

2011-02-16 Thread Daniel Neugebauer
Hi! I'm desperately trying to get a few static image files auto-linked (using wicket:link in my markup) to a parent-relative path. It works fine while using .. but I can't figure out how to get the correct src-URLs using any of the workarounds I could find that should appease Wicket so it

Re: flexible authentication

2011-03-30 Thread Daniel Neugebauer
Hi! We have the same situation in one of our web applications (profile pages may be hidden for everyone except the profile owner). Since I wasn't able to find a clean way to check such conditions from our page authorization strategy, I added that to the checks I already had in the page

Re: [VOTE] Behavior of CheckBox With Respect to setRequired(true)

2011-04-01 Thread Daniel Neugebauer
I would stick with 1 (required to be checked). The main reason would be not to break compatibility with old versions. I actually used .setRequired(true) on legal checkboxes (disclaimers) in one of our applications because if I have a required checkbox I expect it to be needed to be checked.

Re: new user registration email verification

2011-06-29 Thread Daniel Neugebauer
It's like you already said in your first mail. For one of our websites the behaviour is: 1) generate some kind of a random, unique token like UUID.randomUUID().toString() 2) register token to user in database 3) email link including the token to the user (use a readily available

Re: Apache Wicket is a Flawed Framework

2011-11-18 Thread Daniel Neugebauer
I was searching for a Java framework two years ago because I wanted server-side persistence and a statically typed language with the option for easy AJAX and debugging while the output markup is largely maintained the way I wrote the templates. I think I found Wicket via DZone due to the 1.4

Re: Wicket and Menu support

2012-04-08 Thread Daniel Neugebauer
Depending on how your menus are supposed to be defined, you could statically put them into your markup or dynamically create them by using a ListView or similar. A nested HTML list structure, as already suggested, usually works best. There are a lot of ready-to-use CSS examples and JavaScript

Re: [Announce] Introducing Wicked Charts

2013-01-19 Thread Daniel Neugebauer
Hi! As nice as it looks but unfortunately, I feel like it should be pointed out that only your wrapper is Apache 2 licensed. Highcharts itself is only free to use for non-profit/non-commercial applications and requires purchase of a license otherwise, see: