Re: Any interest in a Wicket User Group meeting in The Netherlands?

2007-09-10 Thread Danny van Bruggen
I'm interested. I've only just started, so every topic is helpful to me :) Amersfoort is fine for me. Danny On 9/7/07, Johan Compagner [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: hi, I can organize one if there is enough interest Martijn and i will be there then. And for example if people are also interested

Re: Wicket portlet

2008-11-10 Thread Danny van Bruggen
Hi Pierre, As far as I know (and I'm not an authority,) the status is as follows: - portlet 1.0 support is OK - portlet 2.0 support should be implemented soon (maybe it has already been done?) - Websphere is broken and does not accept Wicket portlets. Neither WS or Wicket want to fix it.

Size of ListView

2010-07-21 Thread Danny van Bruggen
of each ListView still accounted for about 100k. Since all the data in the tables is read only, we're wondering if we can skip serializing the ListItems. Is this possible? Is there another approach? Danny van Bruggen

Re: Size of ListView

2010-07-22 Thread Danny van Bruggen
On Wed, Jul 21, 2010 at 7:50 AM, Danny van Bruggen wrote: Hello all, We're developing a non-Ajax application that displays a bunch of big tables - about five columns, 300 rows. Since session size was increasing a lot, we looked into the cause of it, and (after making

Re: Websphere Portal 6 + Wicket Portlet Experience

2008-06-11 Thread Danny van Bruggen
Hello all, We want to get Websphere Portal working with Wicket for the portlets, has anybody managed to do this by now? The quoted thread in which the problem is discussed suddenly fell silent :( Danny On 1/9/08, fapereira [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: First of all thanks forthe quicky reply.