Re: Wicket Session grows too big real fast

2008-11-26 Thread Ladislav Thon
Agree. I was almost shocked :-) by Martijn's e-mail about keeping references between pages. I believed it is a standard practice to keep reference to previous page for the purpose of cancelling, and of course do it all the time. It seems very natural to me. O-oops. LT 2008/11/26 Piller S├ębastien

Re: Prevent form from being onSubmit()'ed when button is called

2008-07-19 Thread Ladislav Thon
Yes, you should call setDefaultFormProcessing(false) on your button. And if you want to submit the form using a link, use SubmitLink instead (it has setDefaultFormProcessing method too). LT 2008/7/19 Jeremy Thomerson [EMAIL PROTECTED]: I'm not at a computer and it's been a while since I've

Re: modal window navigation?

2008-07-20 Thread Ladislav Thon
Hello, I'm using a Page within a modal window and when the user clicks an 'OK' button, I want to refresh the whole page (not the modal window). I've tried a few variations of: form.add( new AjaxButton(actionSave) { @Override protected void onSubmit(AjaxRequestTarget target,

Re: Hook for hiding columns of DataTable?

2008-08-06 Thread Ladislav Thon
I've managed to solve similar problem by 1. setting a specific CSS class on each column, both in th and td tags (this can be done by overriding getCssClass() method of AbstractColumn) 2. setting a specific CSS class on the table when some columns should be hidden (this can be done e.g. using an

Re: why does ExternalLink generate span instead of a simple a

2008-08-07 Thread Ladislav Thon
I see, but in this case I didn't provide any markup. ExternalLink is being added in a PropertyColumn.populateItem method to a (cell) Item of PropertyColumn of a DataTable. So see the markup of DataTable -- you are gonna see those spans there :-) As Igor said, the easiest way is to use a

Re: new url strategy

2008-09-24 Thread Ladislav Thon
This could be useful to you: LT 2008/9/24 Some user [EMAIL PROTECTED] Hello, I am designing my application java packages in order to keep related programs grouped in sections :

Re: Wicket with GWT

2008-11-13 Thread Ladislav Thon
At the same time, I want to embed certain GWT or GWT-Ext widgets in the Wicket pages because they are really cool and would take a considerable effort for any developer to implement them in javascript. Sounds like an idea I also had before: using GWT to create rich JavaScript components