Facebook XFBML friends invite

2010-04-30 Thread Matthieu
Hello Wicket community, I need help to use the multi-friend-selector to invite all friends in my application! I don't really see how to use it in wicket and i can't find the information i need... Could you help me? Maybe with an example! I want to use the default window =

DropDownChoice problem

2010-05-27 Thread Matthieu
Hello, I've a problem with the DropDownChoice (and maybe language?). I've a Panel who's rendering perfectly when i set the language in english and not rendering when i set in french... The message from wicket : WicketMessage: The component(s) below failed to render. A common problem is

Re: DropDownChoice problem

2010-05-28 Thread Matthieu
Hi, thanks for you input! It's not a html problem, when i copy/paste the english html code (who is working) into my _fr html file, i get the same error... yes, i ommited /select in this mail but not in my code :) and i write my mails in html format so i have to break the html code with \ --

Re: wicketstuff.org down?

2009-11-07 Thread Matthieu Labour
I have the same issue On Sat, Nov 7, 2009 at 4:39 PM, Ilja Pavkovic ilja.pavko...@binaere-bauten.de wrote: Hi, I cannot reach wicketstuff.org anymore. Anyone else experiencing this problem? Best Regards, Ilja Pavkovic -- binaere bauten gmbh · tempelhofer ufer 1a · 10961 berlin

How to set a Date dynamically

2009-05-12 Thread Matthieu Labour
Hi I am new to Wicket. I did some research on the mailing list but didn't come accross a solutioin for the following issue. I need to set dynamically the Date in a DateTextField Here final StyleDateConverter styleDateConverter = new StyleDateConverter(S-, true); final IModel model = new