Re: wicket security future - contribute!

2010-01-14 Thread Vojtěch Krása
Hi, have someone tried to integrate wicket + shiro + guice? some example would be great. Thanks, V. 2010/1/14 Les Hazlewood Just a quick note to those interested - the Shiro dev team is trying very hard to get a 1.0 final release out hopefully before the end of this

Re: 3.5 Hibernate 1.1 tutorial wicketized/eclipseized

2010-07-05 Thread Vojtěch Krása
Hi, you can upload it at or everywhere else... 2010/6/30 Hello, mostly of interest to wicket noobs: i have a wicketized/eclipseized hibernate 1.1 tutorial that should work out-of-the-box albeit for mysql only. Where to upload the project? Or, I

Re: Removing jsessionid from URl

2010-09-23 Thread Vojtěch Krása
are BookmarkablePageLinks. am using wicket 1.4.8 on Apache Tomcat/6.0.29 -- S pozdravem Vojtěch Krása

Re: Stateless Wicket and Ajax

2011-03-11 Thread Vojtěch Krása
Hi, check this no error should occur. 2011/3/11 Serban Balamaci Hello everybody. I'm interested in Wicket for a public site. I want to use stateless pages in order to have nice

AjaxButton in ModalWindow

2011-05-25 Thread Vojtěch Krása
Hi, i have AjaxButton which closes ModalWindow, but if i click twice on that button, exception is thrown: org.apache.wicket.WicketRuntimeException: Submit Button buttonOK... is not visible i've tried IndicatingAjaxButton and implementing IAjaxIndicatorAware and AjaxIndicatorAppender . but

Re: AjaxButton in ModalWindow

2011-05-25 Thread Vojtěch Krása
it seems that pretty much fixed it. but sometimes, window is displayed more than once, and only button at the last window works and other throw exception.. but it may be due to my implementation... V.

Re: AjaxButton in ModalWindow

2011-05-25 Thread Vojtěch Krása
fixed. :-) before opening new window is good to call ModalWindow.closeCurrent(AjaxRequestTarget.get()); V.

Re: Modal window issue

2011-08-10 Thread Vojtěch Krása
Hi, ModalWindow from wicket-extensions is broken by design, try to use visural-wicket or something different and all your problems are gone. V. 2011/8/9 Archana Hi All, In my current application there is a need to open a Modal window with in a Modal window