Re: JPA annotations

2012-12-31 Thread gal
a look @ Weld . HTH, Gal. -- View this message in context: Sent from the Users forum mailing list archive at

Ajax form submits in a Wicket portlet on Liferay

2009-08-18 Thread Richard Gal
Hello I am trying to use Wicket portlets in Liferay (v 5.2.3). The results are promising, however I have stumbled upon the following problem. Could someone help me or comment on it, please? My problem: I have a form with AjaxButton to submit it. The form consists of nothing else but a TextField

Form re-posting in portlets

2009-08-23 Thread Richard Gal
Hello Are render strategies supported in Wicket portlets? I have a form and refreshing the page after a submit results in the browser showing Are your sure you want to send the form again repost popup. I checked that the Application reports to have the REDIRECT_TO_BUFFER render strategy by