Looking for an experienced Wicket developer in Germany

2010-03-19 Thread geissbock
Hi, My company is currently looking for an experienced Wicket developer. Three new products will be developed from scratch, so there is a lot of room for your talent and creativity :-) We offer a contract for (at least) three months here in Germany. If you are interested or know anyone who

Job(s) for Wicket developers

2010-06-22 Thread geissbock
Hi, The company I work at currently has two open permanent positions for middleware/frontend developers in my team. A sound knowledge of Javascript, CSS etc. is a must-have, and Wicket experience is a big plus as current and future projects are developed with Wicket. We are located in the

Re: [1.5]Current number of users (sessions) in a wicket app

2010-10-26 Thread geissbock
Hi Nino, Or if I still need to make my own HttpSessionListener for this? Why don't you just turn on the RequestLogger like this: Application.getRequestLoggerSettings().setRequestLoggerEnabled(true) Then you can get quite some information about the current sessions, see the interface

Job opportunity in Germany

2011-12-26 Thread geissbock
Hi folks, The department I work at as an architect is currently looking for a talented Wicket developer. We're a company with 5,000 employees located in the south-west of Germany. The position is permanent and full-time, and it is required to work on-site, i.e. it is currently not possible to

Redirect to external page without jsessionid in referrer

2012-02-22 Thread geissbock
Hi folks, I'm struggling with the documentation of ExternalLink (applies for both 1.4 and 1.5): http://wicket.apache.org/apidocs/1.4/org/apache/wicket/markup/html/link/ExternalLink.html I.e. especially with this paragraph: Note: in the case when the support for cookies in the browser is

Re: Redirect to external page without jsessionid in referrer

2012-02-23 Thread geissbock
Hi Jeff, Thanks for your hint. I tried to implement some magic which determines whether to strip the jsessionid from a URL or not based on the page I request, i.e. I created some RedirectPage. The problem is: When I access this page by clicking a link on another page, the method

Re: Redirect to external page without jsessionid in referrer

2012-02-28 Thread geissbock
Hi, just to complete this topic: I finally found a solution that's working for all browsers our application needs to support. As we are already tracking the browser of the user anyway, it was easy to build a server-side switch. If the browser is Chrome I simply use an ExternalLink and use an

jsessionid is not added to resources if cookies are disabled by the server

2012-05-04 Thread geissbock
Hi Wicket fellows, When I configure the container (either Jetty or Tomcat) to not support cookies, I expect the jsessionid to be added to all resource links in the page. However, with Wicket 1.5.5 this isn't the case, i.e. all URLs are lacking the jsessionid. We are running our application in