Re: Very interesting question... my boss complain about one of my implementations...

2010-05-27 Thread gnul
/ cache cluster (e.g ehcache).) The only tricky part of Quartz has been deploying it properly on an application cluster -- to avoid having the same scheduled tasks run simultaneously. If you have a backend app server you can purpose running scheduled tasks on, then it is simple. -gnul

Re: Frustrating behavior ... same browser, same war, same tomcat version - different behavior!!!

2010-06-04 Thread gnul
. For example, say you are deploying to /var/lib/tomcat/webapps/, I would shutdown both tomcats, remove the exploded directories (e.g. myapp.war = myapp/ ) and re-deploy the war files to each server. I would also clean out tomcat's temp directory (e.g. /var/cache/tomcat5/temp), then restart them both. -gnul

Re: [VOTE] Behavior of CheckBox With Respect to setRequired(true)

2011-04-01 Thread gnul
On 02 Apr 2011, at 00:13, Bruno Borges wrote: [    ] Please, check this box if you agree with EULA [ x ] Please, uncheck this box if you don't want to receive notifications In this case, I would set the first checkbox as required, and leave the later as optional. Vote for (1) +1 On Fri,