value set in form control by Javascript to model object

2011-11-01 Thread infiniter
Hi, I have wicket TextField. The input is read only and its text is changed by a Javascript component... So my question is: how can I set the model object to its new value set by JS? The problem as you know is that when trying to submit I get an error because the object is null:

setting and reading a JS variable from Wicket?

2011-11-03 Thread infiniter
I've got simple wizard implemented as a JS slider. In some steps there is a skip button and in the last step you can save the data. So this is actually just a form with controls in every slide, and the data in the steps that were skipped must not be saved when submitting the form. What I wanna do

Models in a FormComponentPanel

2011-11-20 Thread infiniter
I've created a FormComponentPanel to represent the current time which consists of 3 drop downs for hour and minute and meridiem. The model object of the FormComponentPanel is a Date object and the model of the drop down represents the selected option, but I need to change the model object in my

Re: Models in a FormComponentPanel

2011-11-21 Thread infiniter
I cannot replace it at this point of the development... I just need to able to get accurate date from its model object. Also I really want to learn how to accomplish this. -- View this message in context:

AjaxPagingNavigation.newPagingNavigationLink returning Link instead of AbstractLink?

2011-12-06 Thread infiniter
I've got staleless paging navigation that stores stuff in the page parameters. Now I need to create its AJAX version... When creating the AjaxPagingNavigation.newPagingNavigationLink I realized it returns a Link instance instead of an AjaxLink or AbstractLink (PagingNavition returns an

AjaxPagingNavigation not updating DataView

2011-12-06 Thread infiniter
I have created AjaxPagingNavigation which is supposed to update a DataView The problem is that when clicking on a page number link to go to another page, the data view does not get updated. When the page is loaded for the first time there are no problems.. but when clicking on the page number

component path question

2011-12-12 Thread infiniter
What type of path expression can be used to get a component which is inside a repeater? So is there an expression like somPanel.listView[0].label that can be used? I mean, something like: MarkupContainer.get(somPanel.listView[0].label) ? -- View this message in context:

PagingNavigator container instead of link for previous and next

2011-12-13 Thread infiniter
I extended Pagingavigator and the markup for the previous (and next) button looks like this: Enabled state (current page 0) li class=previous-on button # Prev /li Disabled state (current page == 0) li class=previous-off button

Re: PagingNavigator container instead of link for previous and next

2011-12-14 Thread infiniter
That won't work... That's why I took the time to explain that the class name has to be applied to to li and not to the actual link. -- View this message in context:

Re: PagingNavigator container instead of link for previous and next

2011-12-14 Thread infiniter
I decided to remove the link component from the Paginator and attach it to a container and then add the container to the Paginator... Maybe the least worst option. -- View this message in context:

Absolute urls, bookmarkable links and web server proxy

2011-12-23 Thread infiniter
After migrating part of a website, which is in multiple platforms, the business requires the urls to be preserved, which are different from the new ones... E.g.: New url: http:/www.example:8080/app/customer/john Required url: http:/www.example/john Basically the web server routes the urls to the

Re: Absolute urls, bookmarkable links and web server proxy

2011-12-23 Thread infiniter
Actually the Apache rules are already set, but my issue is a bit different: I need the bookmarkable links to show the required urls now.. These urls may be even point to a different domain, but I don't want to be too invasive by replacing my BookmarkablePageLinks with ExternalLinks. I was thinking

opening modal window after session has expired

2012-02-07 Thread infiniter
modal windows won't open when the session has expired. So if this occurs, I was thinking of somehow refreshing the page and try opening the modal automatically. I want to explore solutions before going stateless. Any idea how this can be accomplished? -- View this message in context:

Re: how to do i18n of javascript file with Wicket?

2012-02-16 Thread infiniter
I have the exact same issue.. What did you decide for your problem? I'm trying to decide now what the best approach is. Two of my options were exactly the ones you describe to improve your design, but the one that I currently have is a template, which looks like this: var someData= {

javascript and properties

2012-03-15 Thread infiniter
I'm creating a js template for each page in my app and added some l18n support. Here is an example: var someData = { 'msg'='${message:hello}'; 'a'='${message:min}'; 'b'='${message:max}'; } I've considered localizing each template instead, but since the js changes very often, I still

support for L10N in templates

2012-03-16 Thread infiniter
There is already localization and styles support for resource references, but I haven't seen that type of support for in text templates. Any ideas on how it can be implemented?? -- View this message in context:

Re: support for L10N in templates

2012-03-18 Thread infiniter
Oh no. What I need is to be able to support something like the following, but for TEMPLATES, 'cause I want to localize them: public void renderHead(IHeaderResponse response) { response.renderJavascriptReference(new ResourceReference( MyPage.class, my.js, getLocale(),

Re: support for L10N in templates

2012-03-19 Thread infiniter
Hi Martin, for more context what I need is full localization support for js templates, similar to the support provided for components: 1- by allowing to have localized js template files per page. E.g.: my.js, my_es.js, my_fr.js 2- by automatically solving messages in the template (without passing

Re: support for L10N in templates

2012-03-20 Thread infiniter
I can't use that TextTemplateResourceReference 'cause the style and locale are set to null by default in the constructors and the filename passed to PackagedTextTemplate is exactly the one passed in the constructor. See: public TextTemplateResourceReference(final Class? scope, final String

getting client's TimeZone and performace

2012-04-26 Thread infiniter
when setting getRequestCycleSettings().setGatherExtendedBrowserInfo(true), it lets Wicket do a sneaky redirect to BrowserInfoPage (and back again) to get the extended browser info including the timezone from the client. I wanted to know if that occurs on every request or just once per session

Re: getting client's TimeZone and performace

2012-04-26 Thread infiniter
So, no risk of a poor user experience? -- View this message in context: Sent from the Users forum mailing list archive at

BookmarkableLinks and masked urls

2012-05-04 Thread infiniter
The problem is that we have a brand new Wicket app, but we have a bunch of legacy urls that point to different sub domains that the business wants to preserve. So when the web server sees one of those urls there is a redirection to the app and that url is preserved, but in the app we have our own

Re: BookmarkableLinks and masked urls

2012-05-04 Thread infiniter
I think I've done it. I created a MaskedUrlCodingStrategyDecorator that extends from BookmarkablePageRequestTargetUrlCodingStrategy, placed it in the same package, and overrode CharSequence encode(IRequestTarget requestTarget), and used a regular BookmarkablePageLink -- View this message in

Re: Wicket architecture diagram?

2012-05-13 Thread infiniter
So, we are in 2012 now. Anyone has any diagram accurate enough to show in a meeting? I'm looking for Wicket 1.4, but any other version can be useful too. -- View this message in context: Sent from the

load with AjaxLazyLoadPanel just once

2013-01-21 Thread infiniter
I have a panel that's too heavy so I'm using an an AjaxLazyLoadPanel to lazy load it. That panel is being reloaded on every Ajax call that rerenders the containing panel , but now I want to use lazy loading just once the page is loaded, and when rerendering the containing panel I want to use a

AbstractAjaxTimerBehavior and setInterval and clearInterval

2013-03-14 Thread infiniter
I created a very similar class to AbstractAjaxTimerBehavior, with the difference that I'm using setInterval instead of setTimeOut in #getJsTimeoutCall and I'm assigning a variable name to it, so that I can use the clearInterval in #getFailureScript , the problem I got is that in the response

Re: AbstractAjaxTimerBehavior and setInterval and clearInterval

2013-03-15 Thread infiniter
ok, that was already implemented: * public void renderHead(IHeaderResponse response){ super.renderHead(response); WebRequest request = (WebRequest) RequestCycle.get().getRequest(); if (!stopped (!headRendered || !request.isAjax())) {

lost session and error modal

2013-03-18 Thread infiniter
I added an ajax behavior to maintain the session alive. However in certain cases the page can still expire and the session can still be lost, so I'm showing an error modal using #getFailureScript(). But I'm facing a problem, which is, for example, when the user refreshes the page the failure

How to preserve current url in error page

2013-05-06 Thread infiniter
I've got a listener that does the error handling in Wicket 6.6.0 and I want to keep the current url instead of replacing it with the url of the error page. Anyone Help is appreciated. Carlos. -- View this message in context:

client timezone and flickering

2013-09-10 Thread infiniter
has anyone been able to get around the flicker issue when getting the client timezone from WebSession#getClientInfo in a painless way? -- View this message in context: Sent from the Users forum mailing

css and js files in subproject

2014-03-04 Thread infiniter
hi, I got a Wicket application set up with Maven. It has a sub project (jar type) with all the assets. How can I load them in my application? -- View this message in context: Sent from the Users forum

Re: css and js files in subproject

2014-03-05 Thread infiniter
Sorry, I forgot to mention that there are no Java classes inside that project, so is it even possible to reference those assets? -- View this message in context: Sent from the Users forum mailing

# in URL

2014-05-12 Thread infiniter
Wicket version: 6.7.0 I need to get the url parameters even if there is a #, because I have an AngularJS app running inside my Wicket page, which requires it. E.g.: John is shown by Wicket and AngularJS. However if there is a # in the url, the PageParemeters object comes