using hibernate pojo as model instead of dto

2009-08-20 Thread tubin gen
I am wondering If it is write to use hibernate pojo entities as model objects for wicket components , or should I create a DTO and use them as model objects , Is there any disadvantages of using entities POJO's as model ?

disable back button

2009-08-24 Thread tubin gen
I want to disable back and forward button , Is there a way to do this using wicket ? I donot want user to submit the same page twice so if user clicks on back button i would like to take him to home page, can I do this ? and can I tell wicket to add no cahce headers to all my pages using

AjaxFallbackDefaultDataTable, navigation toolbar disappears

2009-09-03 Thread tubin gen
I am using AjaxFallbackDefaultDataTable ,My page has a search form and AjaxFallbackDefaultDataTable , so whenever search from is submitted I am adding the panel which contains AjaxFallbackDefaultDataTable to AjaxTarget , Initially when page loads I get the navigation toolbar everything is

ajax indicator for all ajax requests blocking page

2009-09-08 Thread tubin gen
I am looking for some indicator for any ajax requests , I dont want to add the behaviour for every component with ajax behaviour , I want something which detects for ajax request and starts the indicator blocking the page for further user actions and vanishess after response is rendered is there

prevent browser from cahing my pages

2009-09-10 Thread tubin gen
I want to add nocache header to my pages , code from WebPage response.setHeader(Pragma, no-cache); response.setHeader(Cache-Control, no-cache, max-age=0, must-revalidate); // no-store and I also added response.setHeader(Cache-Control,no-cache);

back button using HistoryAjaxBehavior

2009-09-10 Thread tubin gen
I want to disable back and forward button for which I followed HistoryAjaxBehavior example final AjaxLinkVoid linkTwo = new AjaxLinkVoid(linkTwo) { private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L; @Override public void onClick(final

parameters encryption

2009-09-22 Thread tubin gen
Is there any setting in Application or any base class through which parameters can be encrypted and decrypted behind the scenes , so that I wont do this for every page ?

508 ajaxdefaultdatatablepanel

2009-09-22 Thread tubin gen
I am using lot of ajaxdefaultdatatable and our application should be 508 , is there a way to create the sortable columns from this panel 508 ? here the code I use to create a columns new PropertyColumnWFStgAuditEntity(new ModelString(Audit Number),stgAuditGeneral.auditNumber,

download file inside panel caching tab

2009-10-01 Thread tubin gen
My page have several tabls all of them are panel cahcing tab it worked fine loading only once , I added a new pancel caching tab which has a download link , here clicking on the link i should create a response stream with byte array and here is the code setRedirect(false);

hide pagination

2009-10-08 Thread tubin gen
I am using dataview which comes with pagination , if the total records are less than records per page is there away I can hide pagination bar ?

uploaded files in page instance

2009-10-19 Thread tubin gen
I have some huge files upto 50Mb in side my page instance , I have to save them in page instance and I cannot reload it everytime from database becasue other users might delete the file . I am getting java.lang.OutOfMemoryError , only way I can resolve this is increasing heap size but Is

file download using ajaxLink

2009-10-20 Thread tubin gen
I do download in traditional way here is the code public void download(String filename, byte[] filedata){ setRedirect(false); WebResponse response = (WebResponse) getResponse(); response.setAttachmentHeader(filename); response.setLastModifiedTime(;

input filed mask

2009-10-28 Thread tubin gen
Is there any textfield to format number to currency , I need a currency text field is there any available ?

508 accessibility support

2009-10-29 Thread tubin gen
Will wicket ever provide support for 508 accessibility in current or any of the future releases ? here is 508 accessibility (

tinymce ajaxbutton

2009-11-02 Thread tubin gen
My form has tinymce text area so I added TinyMceAjaxButton , now due to new requirements sometimes I have to hide tinymce textarea , anytime I hide tinymce text area the TinyMceAjaxButton submit button does not work , Is there a way I can use the TinyMceAjaxButton without tinynmce

tinymce textarea hidden in form

2009-11-02 Thread tubin gen
My form has tinymce text area so I added TinyMceAjaxButton , now due to new requirements sometimes I have to hide tinymce textarea , anytime I hide tinymce text area the TinyMceAjaxButton submit button does not work , Is there a way I can use the TinyMceAjaxButton without tinynmce

page without class

2009-11-13 Thread tubin gen
can I create a page just with html and not write class ? I need some static html pages and writing java for those will be of no use .

nested property and CompoundPropertyModel

2009-12-02 Thread tubin gen
I am using CompoundPropertyModel as my form model , can I provide a nested property as id for a form component ?

making tinyMce TextArea readonly

2009-12-02 Thread tubin gen
I ma trying to make TextArea with TinyMce behaviour readonly , I added the following custom settings but it did not work tinyMCESettings.addCustomSetting(readonly : true); tinyMCESettings.addCustomSetting(mode : textareas); please suggest me how to make it readonly ?

add asc or desc icon indicator for sorting in ajaxFallbackDefaultDatatable

2009-12-09 Thread tubin gen
I use AjaxFallbackDefaultDatatable ,please tell me if I can add an icon for sortable column indicating asc or desc

addfing additional html attributes to PropertyColumn

2009-12-10 Thread tubin gen
I use property Column for my AjaxFallbackDefaultDataTable. here the code new PropertyColumnFindAuditDTO(new ModelString(Audit Resolution),audit_review_code, stgAuditGeneral.auditResolution) this is a sortable column ,the second parameter is sort property , wicket creates a link for this

login with a parameter, no form

2009-12-11 Thread tubin gen
My application does not authenticate user ,some external application authenticates and redirects to my application passing a parameter to identify the user, using this parameter I have to create a session and userdetails. I am using SimplePageAuthrizationStrategy

tinymce texteditor size

2009-12-21 Thread tubin gen
I am using wicketstuff tinymce text editor , I want to control the width and height of texteditor based on the size of browser , please tell me how to do this ?

wicket 1.4.5

2009-12-26 Thread tubin gen
I am currently using wicket 1.4 also I use Wicket stuff, wicket extensions.Moving to wicket 1.4.5 will it cause any problems with wicket-stuff and extensions?

error page

2009-12-30 Thread tubin gen
We created our custom error page so any time error happens wicket redirects to this error page , I want also want to display the exception stack trace in this page , please tell me how to do this ?

add additional tinymce settinngs

2010-01-05 Thread tubin gen
I want to add addfitional setting to tinymce init by default TinyMCESettings adds the follwoing tinyMCE.init({ mode : exact, elements : recommendation24c, language : en, theme : simple }); please tell me how to add the additional setting ? tinyMCE.init({

jazzy spell cheker

2010-01-19 Thread tubin gen
I am trying to use jazzy spell cheker for my app. I end up with this error message Jan 18, 2010 1:11:13 AM org.tinymce.spellchecker.TinyMCESpellCheckerServlet doPost WARNING: There is no dictionaries for the language=en org.tinymce.spellchecker.SpellCheckException: There is no dictionaries for

moving to spring 3

2010-01-20 Thread tubin gen
I am using wicket 1.4.1 , can I move to spring 3 ?

open view session filter position in web.xml

2009-04-10 Thread tubin gen
I am using open view session filter , i was assuming that a session gets created whenever a request is made and closed when response is rendered , to check that i added log statements to see when session gets created and closed, but surprisinging its gets called several times , i have this

image path for my java script

2009-04-10 Thread tubin gen
I need image path in my java script , I want collapsable behavior for my component , to which i add either plus or minus , when user click on the imaghe my java script get the image with component and checks the src to find if it is plus or minus , and finally changes the image to the

AjaxPagingNavigator and 508

2009-04-15 Thread tubin gen
My application should be 508 and was wondering if using AjaxPagingNavigator and AjaxFallbackDefaultDataTable will they cause issue with 508 , because the pagining navigator provides links to pages and can I set the tittle attribute to the anchor created by navigator ? and the sortable

updating PanelCachingTab

2009-04-16 Thread tubin gen
Is it possible to update a panel which is inside org.apache.wicket.extensions.markup.html.tabs.PanelCachingTab , I tried to add the panel to AjaxREquestTraget , it did not work , please suggest me if it is possible to refresh a PanelCachingTab

tinymce textarea

2009-04-20 Thread tubin gen
I am trying to make my text editor (text area ) to rich text eitors using timymce.First I tried wicket timymce behaviour , the problem is the tinymce java scriopt is repalce my textarea html with an iframe this is my html , but the style=display: none; is added by tinymce textarea

making tinymce textarea read only

2009-04-21 Thread tubin gen
I am trying to make teaxarea with a tinymce behavior readonly below is the code for that , but this is not working , please help me make this readonly. tinyMCESettings.addCustomSetting(readonly : true);

html text as model

2009-04-22 Thread tubin gen
I have text area with tinynmce behaviour, so any text saved from this textarea will contain html tags to retain format of the text.Now in other pages I want to display this text as read-only , for which i get the string comment text from database and set it to as model to my label , the

anchor links

2009-04-23 Thread tubin gen
I created a simple linkfor java script to open a client side popup window and not forserver processing. here is the code div class=model_test p a href=# class=model_anchorView/a /p /div when i see generated html source the code

error because of log4j from org.apache.wicket.Application

2009-05-14 Thread tubin gen
bean wicketApplication' is my web-application's org.apache.wicket.Application this is the error message I get starting my application org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name 'wicketApplication' defined in class path resource

i am using weblogic 10.3

2009-05-15 Thread tubin gen
I read in previous post that if it is weblogic then its better to use wicket filter rather than wicket servlet and more over I am using open view session filter and as this filter order is important , please suggst me if I should go with wicket-servlet or wicket filter , I know

radio inside a list

2009-05-21 Thread tubin gen
I have a radio group this group has a form and this form has a list view and this list view has list items and each list item has a radio and I want to add ajax behaviour to this radio button for onclick, so when user clicks on any radio button , inside the method onSubmit(AjaxRequestTqarget

date format with datepicker

2009-05-22 Thread tubin gen
I have a date field add(new org.apache.wicket.extensions.markup.html.form.DateTextField(auditEndDate).add(new org.apache.wicket.extensions.yui.calendar.DatePicker())); this date picker puts the selected date in the format 1/1/01 can I configure this to format date as

dynamically add additional components

2009-05-27 Thread tubin gen
is it possible to modify html at runtime and add new components ? for example I have a panel, html code below. wicket:panel div class=contentTittle label wicket:id=pageTittle / /div div class=pageheader div align=center table style=margin-bottom:

ajax form rest

2009-05-29 Thread tubin gen
how to reset form using ajax and non ajax ?

how to reset a form

2009-05-30 Thread tubin gen
My application is using hibernate and wicket , I am trying to reset my form , My form model is hibernate entity and its LoadableDetachableModel . In order to reset my form I added ajax button , hoping to call form.clearInput () in the onSubmit , but realized that before the onSubmit , form

file upload

2009-06-02 Thread tubin gen
I am using wicket file upload , In our application users want to upload big files with the size of 50 MB+, Do I need any additional support of or wicket file upload allows this ?

hibernate lazy loading byte code instrumentation and wicket serialization

2009-06-02 Thread tubin gen
I am thinking of using byte code instrumentation for lazy loading of properties , I use hibernate entities as model for most of my pages and wonderingbyte code instrumentation will cause any issues for serialization ?

controlling components from sub classes

2009-06-03 Thread tubin gen
I looking for some best practices or better way to control my page components , like set enable add attribute modifiers etc. for example I have add and edit page , where one textField should be enabled in add and disabled in edit so for this I did add(new

spring dojo or wicket for 508 application

2009-06-10 Thread tubin gen
My application must be 508 , we are using wicket , recentlyheard spring dojo , or spring dwr provides rich UI and ajax support and its 90% 508 complaint is that true ? Please suggest us If we should go with spring dojo or wicket ?

how to avoid multiple session for the same username

2009-06-12 Thread tubin gen
I need suggestions on implementing single user login , like My system has a user with a usernamejdavid and my application should not allow two different sessions for the same username jdavid , can one session peep into all other session to see if the any has a usernaem jdavid, I am

conditional redirect page

2009-06-16 Thread tubin gen
I want to use redirect page to redirect , In my case depending on a condition I should redirect to different pages , if condition is true then opage1 if false page 2 can I implement this using redirect page ? If not whats the other alternative ?

validation for select

2009-06-24 Thread tubin gen
I have a dropdown choice with values from enum . In form validation if the selected value from list is monetarty , then amount field also needs value , now my problem is how would I get the selected value in the validator object code add(new

how to notify session time out to disabled user

2009-07-02 Thread tubin gen
our application must support 508 Accessibility, I need suggestion on how to implement automatic session timeout.If i user is idle for 30 minutes then session times out and how can I let a disabled user know about this ? - To

virues scanning for file upload

2009-07-02 Thread tubin gen
we need to implement virues scanning functionality for uploded files and reject in case of virues.Please suggest what choices i have and are there any example ?

using ajaxbutton for for submit

2009-07-21 Thread tubin gen
Is there any disadvantage using ajaxButton for navigation to new page ?I not adding anything to target and just call sertResponsePage() , is there any disadvantage using jaxbutton in this cas e?

problem with pagination when hibernate result transformer is applied

2009-07-22 Thread tubin gen
I am using hibernate criteria query to get data for my AjaxFallbackDefaultDataTable, this datatable also gives me pagination parameters which I am apply to criteria. .The entity I am using for the criteria query has a lazy load collection ,and I need the size of the collection in the view

use a lable in several palces in a page

2009-07-24 Thread tubin gen
I created a label and I wabnt to use this label in seeral places in page , is it allowed , right now I getting exception [Component id = documentType] has the same wicket:id as another component already added at the same level so If want to show the same text at 5 different places in markup do

reload a radiogroup

2009-07-24 Thread tubin gen
I have a container , a form , a radiogroup , and refreshing view, this refreshing view has a delete ajaxlink and a radio buton ,in onClick method of delete link I delete the record and add the container to AjaxRequesTarget, the refreshing view get updated , but the radio group is not , what

currency symbol in windows and unix different for a label model

2009-07-29 Thread tubin gen
I have a Label new Label(recommendedAmt,NumberFormat.getCurrencyInstance().format(stgFinding.getFindingAmt()==null ? new BigDecimal(0): stgFinding.getFindingAmt())); this works fine but when deployed in windows I get the label as $0.00 and when deployed in unix i Get this as ยค0.00 and I

detachable model in a listview

2009-08-03 Thread tubin gen
Please help me use detachablemodel inside a list view here is my code private class DocumentsPanel extends Panel { public DocumentsPanel( final ListAuditProgramDocument documents ,final String name) { super(documentsPanel); ListIModelAuditProgramDocument models= new

strange icon appears in webpage

2009-08-03 Thread tubin gen
My pages I see a strange symbol donot know the cause of this , the symbol in IE and firefox is differnt . Please help me tell what is causing this.Will attach the images in reply to this post.

redirect parent page on submit modal window

2009-08-13 Thread tubin gen
I have a page called Review Page with a form with a submit button Return.When user clicks on return I want user to enter comments for return ,for which I want to use a modalwindow when user enters comments and submit the form in modal window , I want to close the modal window and redirect the

dropdown choice null value

2010-01-29 Thread tubin gen
dropdown choice I call setNullValid(true), the null value is a blank string ,can I change this to Choose One by overriding some method , I do not want to use the property file , I want to do it by overriding a method , Please tell me how can I ?

tinymmce with wicket 1.4.6

2010-02-18 Thread tubin gen
tinymce I repackaged it with latest java script from tinymce to work properly.It was working fine with 1.4.1 , I updated my wicket to 1.4.6 none of additional plugins from tinymce are working ,please tell me tinymce compatibility with wicket 1.4.6 ?

wicket example Simple tree

2010-02-27 Thread tubin gen
is it possible to put Ajaxlinks in tree nodes ?

check browser version and java script enabled for every request

2010-03-01 Thread tubin gen
I want to check the browser version and java script enabled for every request using a servlet filter , I am currently using the org.apache.wicket.protocol.http.request.WebClientInfo, this just checks at the begin of session and uses the same information, is there anything to check browser

IE trouble with WebClientInfo

2010-03-11 Thread tubin gen
here is the little code I use to check the browser java script is enbled. WebClientInfo clientInfo = (WebClientInfo)WebRequestCycle.get().getClientInfo(); if(!clientInfo.getProperties().isJavaEnabled()){ throw new RestartResponseAtInterceptPageException(WrongBrowserPage.class); } but IE is

signout and redirect

2010-03-25 Thread tubin gen
here is my code to signout link. add(new LinkVoid(signout){ @Override public void onClick() { ((AuditWebSession)(Session.get())).signout(); throw new RestartResponseException(SSISignOutPage.class); } }); when user clicks on signout I expect to go to SSISignOutPage. but I end up with a different


2010-04-06 Thread tubin gen
I am using AjaxLink all my application and we add to AjaxRequestTarget for repainting components , now we want to change it to use AjaxFallback , but in ajaxfallback AjaxRequestTarget is null and I get null pointer exception.Please tell me if there is any way I can move from AjaxLink to

jqery not getting called after ajax refresh

2010-04-09 Thread tubin gen
I added this jquery code to my page. $(document).ready(function(){ $(a.showHidePrograms).click( function () { var $div= $(this).parent().next(div); if($div.attr(class) == 'hide'){ $div.attr(class,show); }else{ $div.attr(class,hide);

reload a tab from TabbedPanel

2010-04-28 Thread tubin gen
I am using AjaxTabbedPanel and it contains several tabs all of them are PanelCachingTab , can I reload any one tab through ajax ?

wicket tinymce blank string

2010-05-05 Thread tubin gen
I use tinymce behaviour for my textarea. Suppose user enters in tinymce textarea white spaces and saves the form , the value for the property representing textarea is neither null nor blank string , and so I insert into database, is there any way I can identify if text from inymce is

formsubmitbehaviour and textarea with tinymce behaviour

2010-05-05 Thread tubin gen
I have a form with a checkbox , text and a textarea with tinymce behaviour. I addedAjaxFormSubmitBehavior to the checkbox here the code add(new CheckBox(concur){ { add(new AjaxFormSubmitBehavior(ResolveFindingForm.this,onChange){ @Override protected void onSubmit(AjaxRequestTarget

AjaxFormSubmitBehavior for on Select

2010-05-05 Thread tubin gen
can I add AjaxFormSubmitBehavior on a checkbox for onSelect i tried it is not working. new AjaxFormSubmitBehavior(ResolveFindingForm.this,onSelect)

validations in a form with listView

2010-06-03 Thread tubin gen
I have a form , this has a listview , listview contains a chekbox.Upon form submit I want atleast one check box to be checked, In a formvalidator I use form.get(id ) this returns formComponent and formcomponent has a method getValue()but in case of listView how can I retrieve the