Re: DropDownChoices: How to force a selection.

2009-05-30 Thread Rob Sonke
It should work with the value in your model. In your case something like selectedDistrito.setSelectedChoice(1); Rob On 5/30/09 3:02 AM, Marco Santos wrote: Here is the creation of the DDC: private void buildDistritosComboBox() { DistritosModel distritosModel = new DistritosModel();

DropDownChoices: How to force a selection.

2009-05-29 Thread Marco Santos
Hello There. Im creating a page where the user can either create or update a registry. I have a few DropDownChoices, and i am trying, on the case o updating a registry, to set the a specific value of the choices of the dropdownchoice. Does any one know how? I have tryed to set a value on the