Re: [xwiki-users] ldap auth problem

2008-10-25 Thread Thomas Mortagne
Hi Bart, Even if you did something wrong you should never get a NullPointerException so it souds like a bug for me. Could you create a jira issue with all informations you can find on ? I will look into it when I have a minute. 2008/10/24 Bartłomiej

Re: [xwiki-users] Mozilla Add-ons: FoXWiki Nomination

2008-10-25 Thread Asiri Rathnayake
Hi All, Thanks for your support to make FoXWiki a public plugin :) Btw, if you have any suggestions for new features you expect in a future version of FoXWiki, please dump them in this thread ;) - Asiri On Sat, Oct 25, 2008 at 7:42 AM, Mozilla Add-ons [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

Re: [xwiki-users] Class doesn't work directly

2008-10-25 Thread Sergiu Dumitriu
stephanie pouliquen wrote: At present, I'm training on class, sheet and template, with tutorials So I create my class , edit properties, create sheet and template (on XE) When I want to create a new question in my FAQ class, It doesn't work instantaneous. I see any form. I have to wait