Re: [xwiki-users] Problem with dashboard gadgets with XWiki 5.0 RC1

2013-05-03 Thread Vincent Massol
Hi Hoani, Long time no talk! Good to see that you're still an XWiki user ;) See below On May 3, 2013, at 5:02 AM, Hoani Cross wrote: Hi, Installed last version of XWiki on CentOS 5 (with tomcat 5) on postgresql and CentOS 6 (with tomcat 7) on mysql and go the

Re: [xwiki-users] Problem with dashboard gadgets with XWiki 5.0 RC1

2013-05-03 Thread Hoani Cross
I tried to create an empty document for my subdomain (which is 'eu' in fact) at XWiki.XWikiServerEu and now my whole XWiki setup is screwed with this error on the navigator : Detailed information: Error number 3202 in 3: Exception while reading document [eu:Main.WebHome] Wrapped Exception:

[xwiki-users] Edit and save custom document from view action

2013-05-03 Thread Valdis Vītoliņš
I have customized document (i.e. attached object of the custom class to document) and I'd like to change its status from the view mode. I tried to modify ClassSheet for view mode with following HTML: form method=post action=/xwiki/bin/edit/$$ input type=hidden

[xwiki-users] [ANN] XWiki Office and XWiki Eclipse move to Contrib

2013-05-03 Thread Vincent Massol
Beloved XWiki users, The XWiki Development Team has decided to stop maintaining XWiki Office and XWiki Eclipse. The truth is that these 2 projects have been dormant for a long time now since there were no active developers on them. Thus we decided to move them to XWiki Contrib where any

[xwiki-users] [ANN] XWiki 5.0 released

2013-05-03 Thread Thomas Mortagne
The XWiki development team is proud to announce the availability of XWiki 5.0. This is the first version of the new development cycle 5. This release comes with virtual mode enabled and uses the new security authorization module for rights checking. It also brings improvements to the Extension