[xwiki-users] Editing pages and index view

2015-03-20 Thread MishaK
Hello! I'm using xwiki 6.3 version and I can't update it. I created a panel display tree (using documentTree) on the left of my wiki pages to display the content with opening/closing branches and links to the pages on click. However the order of the tree is messed up because it uses some kind of

[xwiki-users] give all users the programming right

2015-03-20 Thread Nicolas Delsaux
According to XWiki documentation, all non Velocity scripting languages are only allowed to be used by sers having the programming rights. Does it means a groovy macro can only be used if I have the programming role ? If so, is it possible to have all users granted those rights automatically ?

Re: [xwiki-users] give all users the programming right

2015-03-20 Thread Thomas Mortagne
The thing that may not be that obvious about programming right given it's name is that it gives the right on anything. That's because when you are allowed to execute a groovy or python script you have the power to do pretty much anything (basically you have the right of whatever process is running

[xwiki-users] ajax example

2015-03-20 Thread Pascal BASTIEN
Hello, Here, I provided an simple Ajax example to use in xwiki application: http://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/AJAX+example#Attachments This mail on this list to validate that what I wrote is the best way (like suggest Vincent) Thxs. Pascal BASTIEN