[xwiki-users] Can't start Xwiki after upgrade from Ubuntu 15.10 to 16.04 Xwiki 8.0 to 8.1

2016-06-03 Thread Sean Whalen
Any ideas on what is causing this and how to fix it? Full traceback is below: HTTP Status 500 - Failed to locate an ExtendedURL Resource Type Resolver component -- *type* Exception report *message* *Failed to locate an ExtendedURL Resource Type Resolver component*

Re: [xwiki-users] Upload of files >2GB fails

2016-06-03 Thread bernhard.kresina
Hi, thank you for the fast reply. I've created a bug report on Jira. http://jira.xwiki.org/browse/XE-1557 Best Regards Bernhard -Original Message- From: users [mailto:users-boun...@xwiki.org] On Behalf Of Thomas Mortagne Sent: Donnerstag, 2. Juni 2016 11:20 To: XWiki Users

Re: [xwiki-users] Configure FileUpload widget

2016-06-03 Thread Bryn Jeffries
Marius Dumitru Florea said: > > [...] > > This works pretty well, but at the end of the upload I temporarily get > > a div appear below the widget containing a fully rendered wiki page. > > How do I prevent this, or rather how do I configure things so that I > > can display something more useful?

[xwiki-users] Missing numbers of headings in pdf export when using macro numberedheadings

2016-06-03 Thread Alina Kupgisch
Hi at all, we are using the macro "numberedheadings" in our pages, which works fine. But on pdf export, the numbers get lost. I tried to use css for creating automatic numbers, but this produces an error. Is there any other opportunity to achieve an automatic numbering? Thanks and best