Re: [xwiki-users] How to deal with a incorrectly moved page?

2016-06-07 Thread Vincent Massol
> On 07 Jun 2016, at 06:25, KirbY ZhoU wrote: > > How to deal with a incorrectly moved page? > > I modified the parent in rename action, so the page becomes invisible. > I can see it in “Page Index”, but I CAN NOT do open/rename/restore the page > now. What do you mean

[xwiki-users] [ANN] XWiki 8.2 Milestone 1 released

2016-06-07 Thread Thomas Mortagne
The XWiki development team is proud to announce the availability of XWiki 8.2 Milestone 1. This version does not contains much changes because most committers were working on contrib extensions. It still introduced a new administration UI to help managing wiki syntax components. You can download

[xwiki-users] Not able to create xwiki pages from PDF document

2016-06-07 Thread Prabhushankar T
Hi I am trtying to explore Xwiki and stuck with creating pages fromexistiing PDF documents. I installed extention "PDF 3.0" macro and after the installation, it was not available in the macro list to use for page creation. Even though we have PDF Embedded viewer and PDF viewer are installed, PDF

[xwiki-users] [Blog] Your new Identity Provider: XWiki!

2016-06-07 Thread Thomas Mortagne
Hi xwikiers, Here is a new article for the's blog: "Your new Identity Provider: XWiki!" by me This is a short introduction to OpenID Connect and advertisement for the new OpenID Connect provider and

[xwiki-users] Sorting pages in a tree macro

2016-06-07 Thread Bruno
Hello, In XWiki Enterprise 7.4.2., is it possible to sort girls pages in a tree macro ? For example, if I create a page for each chapter of a documentation, and I want the parent page to contain the list, should I do the summary by hand ? Thanks.