Re: [xwiki-users] [Proposal][UX] Feedback for Explicit Content Actions

2017-04-28 Thread Clément Aubin
ht corner of the page for its options. Adding labels allows for those three icons to be more visible. We could also display the icons labels only if the user has the «simple» user profile and remove them as soon as he becomes more advanced. Thanks, -- Clément Aubin Web Developer Intern @XWiki SAS c

[xwiki-users] [XWiki Forum] Categories Brainstorming

2017-05-16 Thread Clément Aubin
Hi, What do you think of a «Feedback» category ? I think that if we present a dedicated part of this forum that allows the user to post his feedback, he (the end user) will be more prompt to report any issue / good surprise he had when using the platform. Also, the «Feedback» category is