[xwiki-users] How to create a link to a page translation?

2016-08-04 Thread Hofstätter Mario
Hello, I want to create a wiki link which opens the current page in a given language. I tried the following: {{velocity}} [[English>>doc:$doc.fullName/?language=en]]{{/velocity}} But it does not work, it generates a create page link. I could not find anything on

[xwiki-users] Display HTML Download Button with xwiki download link

2017-02-02 Thread Hofstätter Mario
I'd like to display a simple download button with a certain text, which downloads a file attached to this xwiki page when clicked. The link has to be relative to the current page (file is attached there). I tried the following variations of the html macro with no success. Is it possible?

[xwiki-users] Add Extensions Search broken

2016-09-08 Thread Hofstätter Mario
It seems the search for extensions within the extension manager is broken, if the searched phrase has more than 1 char that is. This works: myserver/xwiki/bin/admin/XWiki/XWikiPreferences?section=XWiki.AddExtensions=p= This does not work:

[xwiki-users] Menu created with menu application shows up when the page is printed (XWIKI-13452)

2016-09-09 Thread Hofstätter Mario
Hi, this issues http://jira.xwiki.org/browse/XWIKI-13452 seems to be still present in XWiki 8.2.1. We have a Menu in current wiki, positioned after header, and it is visible in both the print preview and the actual print out. Any advice? Thank you in advance Mario

[xwiki-users] Edit other user profiles without admin in xwiki space

2016-09-30 Thread Hofstätter Mario
To edit user profil information (e.g. the profile picture), it seems you need to have admin rights, if the profile is not your own. Since the profiles reside in the xwiki space (a subspace would have been nice), it's I can't allow admin rights on that space. How may we achive that specific

[xwiki-users] Watchlist email links use localhost instead of server hostname

2016-09-22 Thread Hofstätter Mario
The watchlist mail notifications we are receiving from our xwiki server have hyperlinks to the corresponding pages, but the link starts with "http://localhost/; as opposed to the actual server hostname. How may we fix this? Thank you Mario ___ users

[xwiki-users] Translate FAQ Pages in another language

2016-08-17 Thread Hofstätter Mario
Is it possible to create multilingual Pages for the FAQ Application? My test xwiki (8.2.1) is set to multilanguage=yes; supported languages=en,de ; default language=en If I create a new FAQ question, the WXSIWYG Editor does not provide the ability to translate the page (because it defaults to

[xwiki-users] Document Tree Macro order by last page edit timestamp

2016-08-17 Thread Hofstätter Mario
Hi, using the Document Tree Macro to display a tree of children pages of the current pages always generates a alphabetically sorted tree. Is it possible to order the tree by the last edit timestamp of the pages (descending) or other criteria? Neither the Document Tree Macro nor the Tree Macro

[xwiki-users] Use image popup as default behavior

2016-08-17 Thread Hofstätter Mario
The default xwiki image syntax does not provide the ability to click an image to enlarge it. There seem to be two extensions that provide this feature: - Lightbox Macro - Thumbnail Macro But using a macro for this is not an option because: - they need to be inserted

[xwiki-users] Use file path in office macro

2016-08-23 Thread Hofstätter Mario
We currently display an attached excel file on a wiki page using the office macro and syntax {{office filterStyles="false" reference="attach:MyFile.xlsx"/}}. Instead we'd like to use the path of an file saved on our server, a working url for this is

[xwiki-users] Database indexes for XWiki 8.2.1 on Postgresql

2016-09-29 Thread Hofstätter Mario
We are running xwiki 8.2.1 on tomcat using a postgresql database. In your performance guide is a link to http://platform.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/AdminGuide/Database+Administration So for our installation, we have to create the indexes in section "Indexes for XWiki Enterprise versions after

[xwiki-users] Change Numbering in TOC Macro

2016-10-26 Thread Hofstätter Mario
There is an example on how to change TOC numbering: http://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/TOC+Macro#HExample3:Differentnumberingofsublists However, it does not work, and even the screenshot on that page does not display the expected result, namely "Level 2" with prefix "1.1" Can

[xwiki-users] Lots of questions and issues

2017-01-05 Thread Hofstätter Mario
Dear devs, over the past few months we have moved over to using xwiki as a replacement for your old sharepoint and mediawiki servers. Meanwhile we have accumulated a list of problems and questions we are unable to solve. Some of which open JIRA bugs might already exist. In my opinion this