[xwiki-users] XWiki on Weblogic 12.2.1

2016-10-19 Thread Qkxy
Hi, I tried to install XWiki 8.3 WAR on Weblogic 12.2.1 but it failed on XWikiJaxRsApplication because it extends the javax.ws.rs.core.Application class and the container tries to set up this as a JAX-RS 2 servlet and of course it not find the servlet configuration. I'm unable to find any option

Re: [xwiki-users] XWiki on Weblogic 12.2.1

2016-10-24 Thread Qkxy
Hi, I have managed to deploy XWiki 8.3 to Weblogic 12.2.1 on a not supported way: I have disabled JAX-RS support in the server by deleting the After it the deployer still missings the class so I have put Jersey-1.19.1 server and core jars into the WEB-INF/lib. Application deployed and

[xwiki-users] XWiki translated page strange behaviour

2016-11-14 Thread Qkxy
Hi All, I have two XWiki 8.3 instances, both are set up for multilangue support: default language hu, enabled languages en, hu. I have created a page by script in instance 1 and created a hu translation for this page by the editor. The page has many objects. I have exported the page as xar from

[xwiki-users] Unable to create localized page in 8.4

2016-11-15 Thread Qkxy
Hi All, I have downloaded the zip package of XWiki 8.4, started it and logged in as Admin. I have changed the Localization to support two languages. When I created a page on the default laguage it is OK. When I try to translate the page I get the editor but when I save the document the default