[vchkpw] maildirsize problem

2002-09-05 Thread Jens Gassmann
Hi, i have run qmail and vpopmail for a long time along without the maildirsizepatch now the mailboxes says full and accept not mails. How can i simple update the maildirsize to the new current size? Can i only delete the maildirsize or what must i do? Greetz, Jens Gassmann

Re: [vchkpw] Hi all, problems with SPAM and Virus

2003-01-06 Thread Jens Gassmann
-- Jens Gassmann Mobil: (0179) 136 10 16 Benfleetstr.14 50858 Köln-Weiden [EMAIL PROTECTED] http://www.atomix.de/

Re: [vchkpw] Message Wall

2003-02-13 Thread Jens Gassmann
yes, we have! Jens [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: hi I wonder if anyone got Messagewall to work with a vpopmail setup . Thankd

Re: [vchkpw] Message Wall

2003-02-13 Thread Jens Gassmann
table ). Any info would be appreciated . thanks - Original Message - From: Jens Gassmann [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]; [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Thursday, February 13, 2003 7:33 AM Subject: Re: [vchkpw] Message Wall yes, we have! Jens [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: hi I wonder

[vchkpw] Backup Emailserver?

2003-07-25 Thread Jens Gassmann
Hi, how do you backup your emailserver forwards precipitate? Can I backup with rsync simply /home/vpopmail and/var/qmail/ on a second server? About ideas and suggestion I would be pleased. Thanks and greetings Jens Gassmann -- Webmaster http://www.atomix.de

Re: [vchkpw] Backup Emailserver?

2003-07-26 Thread Jens Gassmann
Hi Nick did you use rsync an small server? What dirs must been synced? We have two servers but they been connected in different datacenters. So one maschine or datacenter fails, the other can backup the first, after the dns-entries are changed. the dns-server was located in an third

[vchkpw] D-SPAM Integration into qmail/vpopmail?

2003-07-29 Thread Jens Gassmann
Hi, someone use the DSPAM Tool from http://www.networkdweebs.com/software/dspam/ with qmail/vpopmail. This way looks nice, no administration, simply for the user, but powerful, How to integrate it into my vpopmail/qmail installation? Thanks und regards, Jens

[vchkpw] use vchkpw/vauth i own/other application

2003-11-12 Thread Jens Gassmann
Hi, i try to integrate the auth-process from vchkpw into messagewall(http://www.messagewall.org) a nice spam-block. Could someone with more programming expirience as me, write and comment a simple function which checks if username and password correct and returns then 1/0. Think it tooks not

Re: [vchkpw] Multi-user vpopmail/ezmlm web interface

2005-10-19 Thread Jens Gassmann
What does everyone else think of that idea? It might not even be that hard to add as a feature. I'm tied up with my day job, and even have a commitment to do some sponsored QmailAdmin development when I get the chance (adding an index to the aliases page like we already have for pop/imap