RE: [vchkpw] roaming user for imap

2003-01-14 Thread domi
Hi !! I've seen this topic come up over and over again so I finally decided to contribute to the thread... I think the problem has most likely to do with IMAP clients using persistent connections. When they first login successfully vpopmail updates tcp.smtp.cdb file and the user has open relay

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2003-02-04 Thread domi
well, are you sure there isn't anything else in the qmail log ?? If You only see starting delivery but nothing else then the only answer I can come up with is that vdelivermail has never returned. Qmail needs the vdelivermail exit code before it can take the appropriate action. If this is the

RE: [vchkpw] switching database servers

2003-02-14 Thread domi
a simple solution is just configure vpopmail to connect to a HOSTNAME (even if localhost). then the only thing you need to do is add a line to your /etc/hosts or modify your DNS To let vpopmail read a config file is nothing but waste =d0Mi= Original Message - Date:

RE: Re: [vchkpw] switching database servers

2003-02-14 Thread domi
heh, yeah... Let's say recompiling vpopmail takes 5 minutes. 5 min * 60 sec/min = 300 sec 300 sec / .02 sec/delivery = 15000 deliveries on a hi-traffic mailserver 15000 deliveries is maybe less than an HOUR So, if you do not know where Your SQL is in one hour then you propably need to

RE: Re: [vchkpw] switching database servers

2003-02-14 Thread domi
Hi Andrew !! I guess You did not read the whole story :-) It's not about shutting down deliveries. It's not even about compiling vpopmail... It's a comparison of having a vpopmail SQL configfile vs. compiled in SQL config (vmysql.h) Please read the story, I'm tired... bye... Original

RE: [vchkpw] [Fwd: failure notice] Timeouts

2003-02-17 Thread domi
Is this happening all the time ?? No matter what client or account ??? I have seen this behavior couple of times and the reason was always the same. A malformatted message that hangs outlook and also eudora sometimes. It seems like client did not understood the message was already completely

RE: [vchkpw] Default delivery for whole domains

2003-02-17 Thread domi
If You add all these domains as aliasdomains then then all existing accounts in the original domain will get their messages, not the catch-all. Maybe it's good enough but if I understood your question You want ALL mail to these domains redirected to a SINGLE account. then do this: # mkdir

RE: [vchkpw] vpopmail as a daemon

2003-02-23 Thread domi
I think this is a very bad idea and I'm not sure if it even possible. How can vpopmail interact with qmail if it runs as a deamon process ?? The whole idea of qmail is very simple and almost everything goes into a pipeline. This gives an easy way to write own modules/filters which can be added

Re: [vchkpw] vpopmail as a daemon

2003-02-24 Thread domi
Hi !! If you dislike NFS, then why did you go with qmail to begin with? That was the target for qmail. To use NFS without file locking. I hope this never reaches djb since I'm 100% sure he never thougth qmail to be designed for Network Failure System... :-) =d0Mi=

RE: Re: [vchkpw] *.domain

2003-03-17 Thread domi
Hi !! Subject: Re: [vchkpw] *.domain Hi Raboo, how do you like add in vpopmail? *.domain??? if i want to get the mail for all the subdomains of a domain There is no such option in vpopmail. Jonas ...but you can set it up manually creating a wildcarded host in

RE: Re: [vchkpw] vdelivermail and bounced messages

2003-04-04 Thread domi
one solution could be to use doublebounceto and write a program to take care of mails, parsing them and trying to find out what to do with it. And finally dump it to domain postmaster or the mailer-deamon or /dev/null depending on what it is... Just a thought, have never tested, not even done

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2004-03-12 Thread domi
From: Ken Jones [EMAIL PROTECTED] On Friday 12 March 2004 5:54 am, CoyoteTM wrote: What is enable-make-seekable and disable-make-seekable ? What is the difference? Which is prefered ? It makes the file descriptor that qmail-local hands to vdelivermail seekable. By default it's