Re: VCL, is this name kosher?

2008-12-19 Thread Matt Hogstrom
Alan, Thanks for starting the discussion about this. I think there are a few different issues so I'll try to separate them. The issues we need to address is the trademark of VCL and the other is the identity of the community. Perhaps we should talk about these in reverse order. First

Happy New Year -- and what resolutions / plans do we have?

2009-01-06 Thread Matt Hogstrom
I wanted to kick start a conversation about some plans for this year to get people's blood flowing and brains coming out of the Christmas holiday time. I'm curious to get a levelset on the code status, 2.1 plans, Wiki ideas etc. I'm going to be updating the Incubator web sites this week

Incubator Statsus Report for VCL - January 2009

2009-01-18 Thread Matt Hogstrom
I updated this today. Next month we'll start earlier.

Re: VCL developer call Thurs (2/5) from 1-3 PM

2009-02-04 Thread Matt Hogstrom
I saw Kevan's note (he pinged me and let me know what a great mentor I am :-P) First off, conference calls are not taboo. Some people work better via phone than they do with e-mail. And, often times it is faster to vet ideas via the phone. That said, it may not work for all people so

Monthly Incubator Report - Late

2009-02-17 Thread Matt Hogstrom
I was reminded today that were missing the Incubator Status report for VCL. In the past I was doing this as the community was forming and I think the time has come to ask if someone from the more active community will take on this responsibility. Its basically pretty simple. About a

Re: VCL, is this name kosher?

2009-03-11 Thread Matt Hogstrom
I think that this link hilights the issue. The project at NCSU is sen as being powered by the NC State Computing Platform. There is clearly more of a tie between the name of the project and its roots. Quite honestly,

Re: catchall JIRA issue for really minor changes

2009-03-27 Thread Matt Hogstrom
The process for the community is a community decision. There is no requirement on the Apache side. I think the right balance will vary on project. I agree with Alan's assessment. On Mar 27, 2009, at 10:55 AM, Aaron Peeler wrote: ok thanks. This makes sense. Some of us were (I know I

Re: VCL wiki issue

2009-03-30 Thread Matt Hogstrom
Aaron, I updated the Wiki so that users that have not signed in can view the VCL pages. I also added you as an admin for the space with full permissions. We should probably create a couple of groups for access. Unless there are objections I'll add the committers (apache IDs) with

Re: VCL Appliance

2009-04-08 Thread Matt Hogstrom
Where is the download originiating from ? I assume this is not a build of VCL made from the Incubator since we have not released one yet. Is this from NCSU ? On Apr 6, 2009, at 4:40 PM, Mark Gardner wrote: I have been unable to download the VCL appliance. The torrent appears to not have

Apache Board Report Due

2009-04-08 Thread Matt Hogstrom
Any volunteers to bring this together ?

Re: Apache Board Report Due

2009-04-11 Thread Matt Hogstrom
/incubator/FrontPage I didn't think our report is due until May 13th. Did I miss something? Thanks for bringing it up. Josh On Wednesday April 08, 2009, Matt Hogstrom wrote: Any volunteers to bring this together ? - -- - --- Josh Thompson Systems Programmer Virtual

Re: CLA committers group for official documentation

2009-04-11 Thread Matt Hogstrom
Prolly not. I'll set up a group. On Apr 9, 2009, at 2:34 PM, Aaron Peeler wrote: Mentors, Is there a confluence user group of committers who have signed the cla? We'd like to start working on the official documentation and need to restrict editing. According to FAQ at

Re: Mentors: health of project/community?

2009-06-06 Thread Matt Hogstrom
I've been out of band most of May due to some work commitments and I'm catching up. Apart from the name thing it looks like the dev list is increasing in activity and there are some good discussions / collaboration going on. I'm sorting through the thread so I may run into a note on this

Missing e-mail ?

2009-06-09 Thread Matt Hogstrom
Andy Rindos contacted me today and said there were some things people had asked me for but hadn't heard back. I'm checking my e-mail client to see if its been eating e-mails. While I do that, if there was something specific I was supposed to do, etc. Ping me and I'll follow it up. I'll

Re: Missing e-mail ?

2009-06-18 Thread Matt Hogstrom
vcl-developers and put the folks I could find in it. Thanks, Josh On Tuesday June 09, 2009, Matt Hogstrom wrote: Andy Rindos contacted me today and said there were some things people had asked me for but hadn't heard back. I'm checking my e-mail client to see if its been eating e-mails

Releasing VCL ... what will it look like?

2009-06-18 Thread Matt Hogstrom
A couple of things to think about in releasing VCL. What kind of experience are we looking for in terms of what the user has to do? 1. Are they going to download a zip / tgz that will include installation instructions ? - One thing to think about is can an OVA be created that has a fully

Re: [mentors] CLA and accepting patches from the community

2009-12-10 Thread Matt Hogstrom
. the contributor does not hold the copyright or that the code may have license restrictions), then this is something that the committer (and other project members) should investigate. --kevan Matt Hogstrom A Day Without Nuclear Fusion Is a Day Without Sunshine

Graduation ... things to consider

2009-12-17 Thread Matt Hogstrom
. Matt Hogstrom A Day Without Nuclear Fusion Is a Day Without Sunshine

Re: Incubator PMC/Board report for February 2010 (VCL Developers

2010-02-06 Thread Matt Hogstrom 919-515-5323 my GPG/PGP key can be found at -BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE- Version: GnuPG v2.0.11 (GNU/Linux) iD8DBQFLbDvUV/LQcNdtPQMRAlFLAJ42Se1NVked/wgHeuD5uvQY7M8/sgCfccQU IiY5UPAk8NAA77sAPC7Y82g= =hCam -END PGP SIGNATURE- Matt Hogstrom m

Checking our progress, Incubator Graduation Requirements

2010-03-28 Thread Matt Hogstrom
I recently saw a note on podling graduation requirements and it occurred to me that there has never been a lot of discussion about what that means. I'm including a link to the graduation requirements page so folks will have a sense of what the Incubator PMC is looking for in terms of

Re: [mentors] guidelines for contributing large modifications

2010-06-01 Thread Matt Hogstrom
Great start Josh ... +1 On Jun 1, 2010, at 11:26 AM, Josh Thompson wrote: -BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 (This message is to everyone in the community. I added [mentors] to the subject to help our mentors know it is of particular importance for them to read.) After

Will there be a new release soon?

2010-07-22 Thread Matt Hogstrom
The title says it all :)

Re: [mentors] release artifact question

2010-09-16 Thread Matt Hogstrom
Geronimo had similar issues where they needed to include jars from other projects so that they could have a repeatable build process. Take for instance, a customer that is trying to build the project 10 years from now (unlikely but that is the thought). They included the tar balls for Dojo

Re: [mentors] release artifact question

2010-09-17 Thread Matt Hogstrom
On Sep 17, 2010, at 2:25 PM, Josh Thompson wrote: Kevan and Matt - thanks for the info. I added instructions to on downloading and including Dojo Toolkit in the section that explains how to create the RC. Josh

Re: [VOTE] release VCL 2.2 - voting based on RC2

2010-09-24 Thread Matt Hogstrom
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 +1 On Sep 24, 2010, at 11:44 AM, Kevan Miller wrote: Here's my +1. Signature/Checksums look good. Source and LICENSE looks good. One minor note: the NOTICE file contains: Copyright 2009 It's not required, but in the future, we probably

Re: code contribution licensing question

2011-01-18 Thread Matt Hogstrom
Kevan alluded to this, is your employer familiar with the ASL v2.0 ? Perhaps a quick review by the legal team would alleviate any concerns on your employers part. Also, Apache does not really recognize corporations as contributing code (apart from a corporate contribution which is generally

Graduation Thoughts

2012-03-16 Thread Matt Hogstrom
Guys, I've been an absent mentor and am catching up on e-mail. In looking at VCL it seems like you're kinda past time to graduate. Kind of like a 26-year-old college Student living at home :) Thoughts on kicking off the process? Matt Hogstrom A Day Without Nuclear

Re: Graduation

2012-05-12 Thread Matt Hogstrom
also represents my intention wrt to involvement. Matt Hogstrom A Day Without Nuclear Fusion Is a Day Without Sunshine On May 8, 2012, at 11:01 AM, Kevan Miller wrote: signature.asc Description: Message signed with OpenPGP using GPGMail

Re: [VOTE] Andy Kurth as PMC chair after graduation

2012-05-31 Thread Matt Hogstrom
Add my +1 ... late as it is Matt Hogstrom A Day Without Nuclear Fusion Is a Day Without Sunshine On May 31, 2012, at 10:11 AM, Andy Kurth wrote: Thanks Aaron and everyone else who voted! I updated the wiki page:

Re: [ANNOUNCE] Happy Graduation!

2012-06-20 Thread Matt Hogstrom
Very nice, gratz ... Kevan, thanks to you for goat herding all of the things I can't remember :) On Jun 20, 2012, at 2:04 PM, Kevan Miller wrote: All, The ASF Board has approved the resolution to establish Apache VCL as a top-level ASF project. Congratulations to all! --kevan