Re: mysql user permissions bug?

2009-04-07 Thread aaron_peeler
Yes good idea - definitely. We'll extend it to use the same regex for all the name fields to include the acceptable char combinations. Thanks, Aaron Aaron Peeler wrote: ok - yep that's it. Here is the block parsing it. #write user name if ($l =~ /^LockerWrtUser=([-a-zA-Z0-9]*)/) {

VCL project name

2009-05-01 Thread aaron_peeler
Matt, Alan, Kevan, Any additional information on the project name ? I found this in the archives: In particular: If you want to continue to use VCL, I'd recommend asking

Re: VCL Experimental Architecture

2009-05-18 Thread aaron_peeler
I agree with Josh. To date there has only been a list of problems and a diagram. There as not been much(if any) discussion on the details of the problems mentioned. The current code base is proven and is doing what it is tasked to do. Currently it is managing close to a 1000 nodes and supporting

Re: files under menagementnode section missing license header

2009-09-23 Thread aaron_peeler
Some are copied over from xcat by mistake, some are ones we added, and some are old and can be deleted. I'll go through them. thanks, Aaron -BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 These files under trunk/managementnode do not have the ASF license header in them. I'm guessing the two

Re: files under menagementnode section missing license header

2009-09-24 Thread aaron_peeler
BTW - cleaned up the xcat_postscript directories. -A Good find. I will check the Unattend.xml file and windows_security.inf files. I will need to test them after adding comments to make sure they get processed correctly. I'll also update cmdlines.txt. This one is straightforward. The

Re: additional perl library location ( provisioning related)

2009-10-01 Thread aaron_peeler
I think this depends on how it's licensed. Does it have Apache 2.0 License? Others can comment on this. Even if we can redistribute it. I'd prefer not to in case it changes, bug fixes, new features, etc. I'd suggest documenting on the Apache VCL wiki or in the module itself where to get it and

Re: Short question - VCL backend

2010-06-15 Thread aaron_peeler
Hello Justin, Welcome. For the most part the vcl api is currently setup for the backend calls, or a third party app to request a VCL resource, manage users, etc, so it's currently supporting incoming api calls. There might be a better way but my first thought is that a new perl provisioning

Re: Setting up Base Image

2010-08-18 Thread aaron_peeler
Hi Milen, Make sure your working with the latest code from the repository. The getdynamicaddress routine is no longer used because it was fetching the loopback address as you see here. Also can you explain a little more about the ip address provided by the IBM cloud? It sounds like the public