Re: VCL Architecture Change Proposal

2009-05-12 Thread Aaron Peeler

Hi Brian,

I have some additional concerns.

Don't take this the wrong way, it's great to think ahead, but I not sure 
this is the right time for such a major proposal.

As you know the apache VCL project is still in incubation stage and we're 
struggling to get off the ground, grow the community, cut the first 
release, name change issues, etc. Proposing a major Architecture change at 
this time is probably not the best approach in working through the other 
tasks, it's going to muddy the waters even more. As Josh mentioned maybe a 
better approach is to start discussions on the list around areas of 
improvement for the existing VCL code base before jumping directly to a 
redesign/architecture change. If the improvements require an architecture 
change then great, else if the changes can be added in to existing code 
base also great.

Best Regards,

--On May 11, 2009 3:23:23 PM -0400 Josh Thompson 

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I haven't finished reading through all of the details in the document you
created in the wiki, but it seems to be a design document for a
new/different  cloud system.  I didn't see anything explaining how it
relates to VCL in its  current form or a roadmap providing a migration
path from the current form to  what you've designed.

That aside, can you explain further why you are proposing this?  I think
I'm  seeing a bit of a cart before the horse issue here where you've
designed out  something new before there's been any discussion on this
list about whether  or not large parts of VCL should be redesigned.

After explaining your reasoning further, I think it would be a good idea
for  us (the community) to have a discussion on this list about any areas
of VCL  that are needing to be redesigned.


On Monday May 11, 2009, Brian Bouterse wrote:

I propose exploring an alternative VCL architecture through an
experimental code branch at  This code would be housed in
the svn at as a branch, and would be explored/developed in
parallel with the current 2.X branch.  The purpose of this branch is
to explore a VCL architecture that allows the following:

To allow VCL manage fluid resources (virtualized) more effectively
Increase modularity by decoupling VCL components from a single,
monolithic database via APIs
Manage storage resources
Create a database abstraction layer
Increase image library confidentiality and integrity

I've put a first-pass design document on the apache VCL wiki which
outlines the architecture proposed with some level of detail.  That
document is located here:
tur e+Document

I'd like feedback of all kinds from the Apache VCL community to
explore the architecture's merits and challenges at both the
architectural and implementation levels.


Brian Bouterse
Secure Open Systems Initiative

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Re: VCL Architecture Change Proposal

2009-05-12 Thread Henry E Schaffer
  I'm giving my own viewpoint - from outside the group working on the
architecture - but I do have some experience with software projects.

Brian writes:
 This cloud proposal is new and different, and it will redesign and  
 likely recode the existing VCL core.  Although it seems different,  

  Well, the first sentence says it is different. :-)

 this experimental architecture is designed to accommodate the current  
 roadmap through a different architecture implementation.  The  
 fundamental assumption is that the most reasonable way to implement  
 the roadmap outlined here 
 ( ) 
 is have the VCL core become resource agnostic.  I believe that a  resource 
 agnostic VCL core can schedule fluid resources more flexibly  by revising 
 the daemon portion of the VCL architecture to be event  driven.  This 
 modification allows the core to be resource agnostic and  schedule a 
 variety of fundamentally different resources through the  use of resource 
 specific resource managers.

  This is IMHO a very desireable goal, and I think that we have
widespread agreement on that.  We've already been moving towards this
goal in the 2.X code base - but via incremental changes rather than
through a radical redesign/restructure/recode effort.

  So, to me, the question is of the route(s) we take rather than
disagreement over the long term goal(s).

 Moreover, with the 2.X code base,  [... discussion of limitations of 2.X and 
 desired aspects of the new architecture]

  Given that we're trying to release a 2.X version with increased
functionality and with increased ease of bringing into production (which
is *very* important as the number of adopters increases) it seems
sensible to me to focus on 2.X.  Aaron has discussed the importance of
this, especially considering the limited development resources.

  Does this mean we should abandon work on this new version (I'll call
it 2.D with D for different)?  No, IMHO.  But neither do we need to take
it on as an urgent project.

  We (the entire VCL community) have the time to scope it out carefully
and to have a good discussion of the requirements, tradeoffs,
implementation approaches, etc., as Josh has suggested.  We'll also have
discussed the roadmap for progress - e.g. whether there should be a fork
in the code. Then, when development resources (people) become available
we'll be ready to proceed in a very productive manner. 

 I'd like to suggest the reuse of the existing API enabled VCL 2.X code  
 base as a bare-metal resource manager, which can be driven by this  
 experimental branch of VCL code.  ...

  This sound to me like the type of discussion that should be going on.