Re: xcat hardware

2010-12-21 Thread Henry E Schaffer
Josh Thompson writes: ... but as far as I know, it can control bladecenters and anything that can be controlled via IPMI. Since Ehsan Shahrokhi asked about Does xcat support other x86 hardwares of servers such as ordinary pc's and servers? ... It's probably worth noting that many

Re: VCL use movie - was Re: xcat hardware

2010-12-23 Thread Henry E Schaffer
Ehsan has been asking about seeing the functionality of VCL - and this may help. Our colleague Joseph Vaughn at Harvey Mudd College has done a Wink walkthrough which may answer a lot of questions. --henry schaffer

Re: New here: Question about backend

2011-01-13 Thread Henry E Schaffer
James writes: ... For most part the VCL works really well. (I've heard that at NCSU they've replaced almost all the computer labs with VCL) We've stopped adding computer labs a few years ago even through student enrollment has been growing, we've significantly lengthened the computer lab

Re: Mac OS-X on VCL?

2011-03-28 Thread Henry E Schaffer
Mark writes: Yes. Apple only allows virtualizing OSX Server on Apple hardware. ... People have done it in spite of Apple's discouragement - and I've been told that it doesn't actually violate the license agreement, it just means that the use isn't suppported. (I don't have any idea if that's