Re: How to start syncing two existing directories with git annex?

2013-11-25 Thread Alan Schmitt writes: I could use unison to make sure that the two ~/Music dirs are exactly the same, and resolve any differences, before moving anything into ~/Annex. Maybe that would be a good idea? Unison will probably be useful in making sure the same files are on both replicas, but

integrating an existing git repo in vcsh

2016-02-03 Thread Alan Schmitt
Hello, I could not find how to do the following in the documentation. I already have my .emacs.d under git, and I’m looking into vcsh for other configuration files. Is it possible to integrate this existing repo in vcsh? Thanks, Alan -- OpenPGP Key ID : 040D0A3B4ED2E5C7 Athmospheric CO₂

Re: integrating an existing git repo in vcsh

2016-02-04 Thread Alan Schmitt
Hello Christopher and Martin, On 2016-02-04 12:09, martin f krafft writes: > It should be as easy as cloning the repo with vcsh, though I suspect > you'll have to first modify the contents and move all files to > ./.emacs.d/, assuming that that's currently the worktree of