Re: [vdr] Re: Cheapest FF card?

2006-10-19 Thread Peter Dittmann
On Wed, Oct 18, 2006 at 05:43:43PM +0200, Peter Dittmann wrote: Partial nonsense ;-)) CF has nothing to do with CI and smartcards. You need a CI adapter an an CAM adapter card for the smartcard. I find no comparison/info on CI and CF on wikipedia. Could you give me some info

Re: [vdr] vdradmin-am and autotimer

2006-10-19 Thread Peter Dittmann
[EMAIL PROTECTED] schrieb am 18.10.2006 20:03:15: Hi, I'm trying to use the autotimer so I can enter in my favorite shows and have them automatically recorded. (I think this is functionality VDR itself needs to have but that is another discussion). I think the epg-search plugin already

RE: [vdr] Problem with audio sync in playback

2006-10-19 Thread jori.hamalainen
I tested with VDR 1.4.3 and test_av app included in 22623 test firmware package, with firmwares 261a, 261f, 2622 and that test version 22623. Everytime playback stuttered and lost a/v sync after scene change situation. So I think this is more like dvb firmware/driver problem than VDR

Re: [vdr] How to record H.264 stream in VDR?

2006-10-19 Thread Michael Müllner
Hallo, some time ago there was a patch here in this list for H264 but it didnt work for me but maybe my prob is that me receive S13.0E only on my primary Card. (FF dvb-s) If i add this patch VDR didnt del the VPid anymore but when i start an recording VDR restart itself and create only 0

Re: [vdr] DVD plugin - sound jerky??

2006-10-19 Thread Stefan Lucke
On Mittwoch 11 Oktober 2006 06:26, Simon Baxter wrote: It's been several months - and I never had a reply to this but it's still happening. I've rebuilt several times - but it's still the same. The dvd plugin works fine, except intermittently the sound disappears for about a second at the

Re: [vdr] DVD plugin - sound jerky??

2006-10-19 Thread Simon Baxter
PPPClear(4)! Play I don't think these messages are dvd-plugin related, as I cannot find them via grep (vdr-xine ?). With which dvds did you get these messages? I've mostly noticed this will the Red Dwarf series DVDs, but it seems to happen on most. It doesn't happen if I play the DVD