Re: [vdr] translation context handling in vdr = 1.5.7

2007-08-24 Thread Klaus Schmidinger
On 08/24/07 15:37, Anssi Hannula wrote: ... For the record, gettext also has context support: But if it needs too many changes, maybe it is not worth it. I thought about that shortly, but decided not to use it. There's not

Re: [vdr] VDR-core's texts in plugin's .pot files

2007-08-24 Thread Klaus Schmidinger
On 08/24/07 16:00, Klaus Schmidinger wrote: ... One more thing: this also reduces I18nTranslate() to const char *I18nTranslate(const char *s, const char *Plugin) { if (s CurrentLanguage) { const char *t = Plugin ? dgettext(Plugin, s) : gettext(s); if (t != s)

Re: [vdr] [SOLVED] Re: How to set German OSD in VDR 1.5.8

2007-08-24 Thread Matthias Fechner
Hi Halim, Halim Sahin wrote: If I write unset $LANG all apps are producing english output. yes that is excatly what VDR also does but if I have not defined LANG then I'm not able to select another language in the OSD of VDR and that is the issue I tried to address. Everything else is fine.

Re: [vdr] WSS signaling with DXR3 cards

2007-08-24 Thread Kartsa
Kartsa kirjoitti: Jukka Tastula kirjoitti: On Friday 10 August 2007 10:14:32 Ville Skyttä wrote: Hm, so you have an ADV7175 based one currently? Sorry, I don't think that helps - again, as far as I know, the WSS stuff only works with ADV7170 based cards. The patched adv717x