Re: [vdr] mediamvp and subtitles

2006-10-15 Thread Lars Bläser
Jouni Karvo wrote: hi, I was wondering of moving the (low) noise VDR machine away from the living room. For that, I would need something new, and was considering Hauppauge MediaMVP. So a couple of questions: - does MediaMVP and work with dvb-subtitles plugin? - which plugin to use:

Re: [vdr] FF card AV sync problems, possible fix to VDR (fwd)

2007-03-07 Thread Lars Bläser
VDR User wrote: On 3/7/07, *Dr. Werner Fink* [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: AC3 loop through sound card Howto

Re: [vdr] multiplex to PES

2007-06-17 Thread Lars Bläser
Patrick Cernko wrote: Hi List, does anyone know how to multiplex some demuxed elementary streams (e.g. a video stream, an mpeg audio stream and an ac3 audio stream) into a proper vdr PES stream? ProjectX does produce *.vdr files

Re: [vdr] Extension HD PCI from ReelMultimedia in August ?

2007-08-06 Thread Lars Bläser
Georg Acher wrote: There was a discussion on that in this list a while ago which ended in fruitless anoyance about one binary only module in the Linux kernel on the HD card. Look for future VDR and NetCeiver OEM from Reelmultimedia and issues about binary only code its not really about

Re: [vdr] [ANNOUNCE] vdr-femon-1.2.3 vdr-femon-1.1.5

2008-01-20 Thread Lars Bläser
Rolf Ahrenberg wrote: Hi, new versions of femon plugin for both stable and developer VDR series are now available: 2008-01-20: Version 1.2.3 - Updated Italian translation (Thanks to Gringo). - Added '-Wno-parentheses' to the compiler

Re: [vdr] Old schedule / old timers

2008-02-11 Thread Lars Bläser
Rainer Zocholl wrote: Too, long time ago one time timers were not deleted automatically. That has the advantage that if i found that one time worth to be recorded again, it was easy by editing that old used one time timer. Manually deleting the superflous used timers was much easier than to

Re: [vdr] A VDR compatible dvb-s card with CI interface recommendation?

2008-04-17 Thread Lars Bläser
As I said before, I know some cards, but I don't know which are supported under VDR, especially its CI part. For instance, I don't know if I buy a SkyStar HD 2, would it, and its CI is supported under VDR, because MultiProto should be available for VDR in 1.7.0.

Re: [vdr] A VDR compatible dvb-s card with CI interface recommendation?

2008-04-19 Thread Lars Bläser
lets start from skratch Ali H.M. Hoseini wrote: Hi, I Want to buy a new DVB card to watch TV channels with VDR. The important point is I want it to have CI interface, So I could use CAM to view encrypted channels. ok this means you need a PCI card

Re: [vdr] vdr HD MPEG-4 DVB-C

2008-04-28 Thread Lars Bläser
Simon Baxter wrote: Has anyone tried one of these new cards with VDR? Or any other DVB-C card supporting CI/CAM and MPEG-4 ? mpeg4 is only a software thing, there is no h264 ff-card i

Re: [vdr] UPnP/DLNA server plugin?

2008-04-29 Thread Lars Bläser
Teemu Suikki wrote: Has anyone written a direct UPnP/DLNA plugin, to stream out VDR recordings and live TV to PS3 or XBOX 360? IMHO this would be a logical extension to the streamdev plugin. :) There is a good UPnP server available for linux, called Fuppes:

Re: [vdr] VDR 1.7.0 multiproto hvr4000 - multiproto_plus

2008-05-02 Thread Lars Bläser
Gregoire Favre wrote: On Fri, May 02, 2008 at 12:03:48AM +0200, gimli wrote: Hi, sorry, took a little bit longer to find time for made the patch. This patch is against multiproto_plus + HVR-4000-multiproto_plus-2008-04-25.diff. With this combination i'm able to tune all HDTV channels on

Re: [vdr] VDR 1.7.0 multiproto hvr4000 - multiproto_plus

2008-05-02 Thread Lars Bläser
Gregoire Favre wrote: On Fri, May 02, 2008 at 01:15:45PM +0200, Lars Bläser wrote: after this patch the multiproto_plus does not compile against my older kernel (suse 10.2 stock kernel 2.6.18) Have you replaced linux/include/linux/compiler.h with the one from your kernel

Re: [vdr] Can not view DVB-S2 channels

2008-05-10 Thread Lars Bläser
Vangelis Nonas wrote: I dont think that this is the case because with encrypted DVB-S channels I get a blank screen but NOT the message channel not available. I get this message ONLY on DVB-S2 channels. I can perfectly watch HD Suisse which is DVB-S. with vdr 1.7 and the patch it´s

Re: [vdr] no channel update on vdr 1.7.0

2008-05-22 Thread Lars Bläser
Mattia Rossi wrote: On Wed, 21 May 2008 17:01:22 +0300 Lauri Tischler [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Mattia Rossi wrote: On Wed, 21 May 2008 16:57:33 +0400 Igor [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: --- snip - could you explain please how it's possible to connect 3 cards in VDR to 3 LNB's for Hotbird,

Re: [vdr] no channel update on vdr 1.7.0

2008-05-22 Thread Lars Bläser
Brian wrote: Aaah Bloody Germans G per design vdr reserves the first card in system for life viewing and does not use it for other live viewing. Its a mistake that is made absolutely everywhere, especially in the press, who should really know better. I'm absolutely

Re: [vdr] VDR Development

2008-09-06 Thread Lars Bläser
Davide Cavalca wrote: You say you want to fork it: what would you accomplish with that? It's not as if the code would magically write itself. I've yet to see a single prospective developer say if it were forked I'd write X. (And, BTW, there's nothing forbidding him to write X in form of a

Re: [vdr] VDR Development

2008-09-06 Thread Lars Bläser
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: but vdr has not evolved for years ! maybe because it was bleeding edge as it started, it only used the (european) digital dvb standard since then the whole tv marked developed to dvb-s/-c/-t (in europe) an even now with dvb-s2 and h.264, vdr is fit enough to get a patch

Re: [vdr] Converting HD recording

2008-10-04 Thread Lars Bläser
Goga777 wrote: I asked in other way is there any fast method (without demux) for converting the h264 pes records from vdr to any other containers - ts, avi ? if you ask that way - imho - NO demuxing is the minimum when comming from pes and want to convert to ts remuxing is a very fast

Re: [vdr] [OT] mini-PCIE with Broadcom Crystal HD Hardware Decoder (BCM970012) for HD playback with free drivers

2010-01-03 Thread Lars Bläser
Michael Stepanov wrote: Does somebody use it to watch HD channels with VDR? As I understand that solution can give the same result as nVidia Ion? yes, ebsi got it working Status update : Setup : archlinux, kernel 2.6.28, vdr 1.7.10,

Re: [vdr] implementing channel plug-in

2010-01-05 Thread Lars Bläser
Theunis Potgieter wrote: ... There is an object of cChannel for each channel, and they are stored in a list. You can either patch VDR to modify cChannel::Name() so that it takes the original name as an index into some database of yours, or modify the names in your channels.conf and set

Re: [vdr] new support

2010-01-22 Thread Lars Bläser
abbe normal wrote: hello klaus there is open-source software for a tuner called hdhomerun if you had this info could native support be added to vdr... this is a network device and it has support in other pvr dvr setups.. just asking as i know there is a europe model of this device... or

Re: [vdr] XBMC and vdr

2010-02-05 Thread Lars Bläser
martinez wrote: To the best of my knowledge XBMC can only be compiled for xbox1 Anyway for a linux program to 'pretend' to be a Windows Media Center so the xbox 360 is happy talking to it? or any vdr plugin that can do the job? On Feb 5, 2010, at 2:46 PM, Scott Waye wrote: Have you

[vdr] odd behavior with pause key and hdtv

2010-03-09 Thread Lars Bläser
with hdtv there seems to be a problem with the pause funnction in vdr (tested with 1.7.10 and 13 with eHD es replay device) - sdtv (arte) dedicated pause key - ok - servus tv hd dedicated pause key - ok - arte hd, dedicated pause key, timer is created, replay try's to start and does not work,

Re: [vdr] Cutting HD Recordings

2010-04-16 Thread Lars Bläser
Falk Spitzberg wrote: Hello, recently, i tried to cut a TS recording with VDR 1.7.12. Cutting it works ok, but when i replay it, there is a short distortion when it runs across the cut. On my production system, that is equipped with a Reel eHD, the problem is worse, because the eHD is

Re: [vdr] Vdr 1.7.15 and vdradmin

2010-06-15 Thread Lars Bläser
Seppo Ingalsuo wrote: Hi, Has anyone noticed problems with vdradmin-am, epgsearch and new vdr 1.7.15? Since upgrade from vdr 1.7.14 VDRadmin web interface dones not work. Web browser shows this error: Can't connect to VDR at localhost:2001 its always a good idea to read the hitory

Re: [vdr] Subdirectories are missing

2010-07-14 Thread Lars Bläser
On 14.07.2010 08:56, Arno Esser wrote: corrected headline Am 13.07.2010 23:29, schrieb YUP: Wow, thanks for the tip, it's good to know! Yarema 2010/7/13 Arno Esser Hi, my 1.7.15 offer a nice feature. I have a subdirectory beneath

Re: [vdr] Converting all recordings to TS?

2010-08-25 Thread Lars Bläser
On 25.08.2010 18:43, Teemu Suikki wrote: Hi, I just upgraded to VDR 1.7.15, mainly because I want to watch TS recordings with PS3, directly from PS3 browser with VDRAdmin and StreamDev.. I already have it pretty much working, both LiveTV and recordings work fine. I have been modifying

Re: [vdr] Converting all recordings to TS?

2010-08-25 Thread Lars Bläser
On 25.08.2010 20:31, Halim Sahin wrote: Hi, Just wondering why you want to convert old vdr recordings to ts? Vdr-1.7.15 can play old recording in pes format. some players dont like pes at all or do not recognise *.vdr files ___ vdr mailing list

Re: [vdr] Converting all recordings to TS?

2010-08-27 Thread Lars Bläser
On 26.08.2010 11:52, Teemu Suikki wrote: Thanks for this! I modified the script slightly, some error checks etc. I also added directory/file renaming magic so the generated files work with VDR correctly.. index files are deleted, vdr will regenerate them when you open the first time.

Re: [vdr] DIVX recordings? :)

2010-09-05 Thread Lars Bläser
On 05.09.2010 12:54, Teemu Suikki wrote: I know this is probably too much to ask at this moment when there just has been a transition to TS.. Anyway, here it goes. :) I often compress my older recordings to Divx, to save space. However I never remember to watch them because they don't show

Re: [vdr] Problem creating index files

2010-10-03 Thread Lars Bläser
On 03.10.2010 14:06, Teemu Suikki wrote: Hi, just a small update, it seems the TS file is indeed somehow corrupt.. I tried simple stream copy with ffmpeg and it doesn't work either: Seems stream 1 codec frame rate differs from container frame rate: 9.00 (9/1) - 25.00 (25/1) Input

Re: [vdr] Unwatchable channels (vdr-xine, dxr3, vlc, mplayer)

2010-10-04 Thread Lars Bläser
On 04.10.2010 00:36, Luca Olivetti wrote: Al 04/10/10 00:20, En/na VDR User ha escrit: On Sun, Oct 3, 2010 at 3:06 PM, Luca wrote: Yes, it seems like a bad signal, but femon is reporting a ber and unc of 0 (I really don't trust snr and strength, but ber and unc

Re: [vdr] Unwatchable channels (vdr-xine, dxr3, vlc, mplayer)

2010-10-04 Thread Lars Bläser
On 04.10.2010 21:07, Luca Olivetti wrote: Al 04/10/10 20:55, En/na Luca Olivetti ha escrit: Al 04/10/10 20:10, En/na Luca Olivetti ha escrit: Al 04/10/10 19:36, En/na Luca Olivetti ha escrit: Now I tried with a clean vdr (1.7.16), no patches (though my patches didn't modify the signal path

Re: [vdr] Supported FF cards

2010-10-11 Thread Lars Bläser
On 11.10.2010 13:41, Rainer Blickle wrote: Hi, i have found the following code snippet in dvbsdffdevice.c: 0x110A, // Fujitsu Siemens DVB-C 0x13C2, // Technotrend/Hauppauge WinTV DVB-S rev1.X or Fujitsu Siemens DVB-C 0x13C20001, // Technotrend/Hauppauge WinTV DVB-T

Re: [vdr] Supported FF cards

2010-10-11 Thread Lars Bläser
On 11.10.2010 21:37, Rainer Blickle wrote: there are enough other solution as decoder without tuner What do you mean with other solutions ? I have a pvr350 cards for output. Do you mean xineliboutput or streamdev or other real hardware ? xine/xineliboutput with vdpau (h.264/hdtv) softdevice

Re: [vdr] Replay Problems with Extension HD

2010-10-12 Thread Lars Bläser
On 11.10.2010 21:22, Vesa wrote: eHD card has now days working plugin for vdr, more info about that here: eHD is stable with latest card firmwares, also for ts playback. Only issue is still that somehow VDR is not compatible with eHD

Re: [vdr] Compressing VDR recordings without losing quality.

2010-10-29 Thread Lars Bläser
On 29.10.2010 00:47, Carsten Koch wrote: Hi, I have been using VDR for over 10 years now, so I currently have ~4TB of VDR recordings. Some of them are SDTV/MPEG2, many of the newer recordings are HDTV/H.264. ... my first suggestion is to upgrade storage if you compare the time you will

[vdr] vdr bug with InitialChannel?

2011-06-02 Thread Lars Bläser
hi, may be a feature but from usability point its a bug if you choose to have a special starting channel and insert or delete a channel before that channel its not the right channel anymore when starting vdr the next time reason is that only the number of the channel in the channels.conf is

Re: [vdr] HD programme recording still broken

2011-06-11 Thread Lars Bläser
On 11.06.2011 00:30, Luboš Doležel wrote: How should I tell VDR not to care about encryption, as the decryption is fully handled by the dvbloopback virtual DVB device (sasc-ng)? if a software outside vdr changes things in a way that standards does not apply anymore this software should take

Re: [vdr] Can' read mkv with vdr-1.7.18 + mplayer + TT S2-6400 !

2011-06-21 Thread Lars Bläser
On 20.06.2011 22:03, Karim Afifi wrote: Hello, Since I have upgraded my hardware from TT Nexus to TT S2-6400, I can't read any mkv file anymore from my vdr-1.7.18 and MPlayer. It seems that VDR can't share the device. This limitation is very very annoying : Is there any patch for VDR

Re: [vdr] reencode/transcode to(!) vdr

2011-10-28 Thread Lars Bläser
hi, beside this it's just a remuxer, not a transcoder you will need something like ffmpeg to transcode and if the resulting ts is not properly muxed for vdr you can remux it with that tool maybe a package like ripbot264 fits better to the topic (tsMuxeR

Re: [vdr] vdr remote

2012-04-15 Thread Lars Bläser
On 14.04.2012 22:42, VDR User wrote: For that price it better come with one! It also better be a high quality remote and not some cheap plastic chinese production at that price. hi, i never had one in hand but remember things from reelbox forum and vdrportal it doesnt come with a ir

Re: [vdr] plugin for DVD images

2013-02-25 Thread Lars Bläser
Hallo, together the plugins dvd and dvdswitch play titelsets and iso's nativly in vdr another (imho better) solution is something like yavdr does, if needed switching vdr in backround (still running, recording) and use the frontend with xbmc (also has iso support), depending on the system age