[vdr] Options for deinterlacing (or not)

2009-01-19 Thread Scott Waye
I want to replace my UK Sky digital box with VDR (I only want the free to air channels) for watching/recording TV over HDMI on my plasma. So far everything is working OK, I have vdr 1.7.3 and xine running on an ASUS M2N VM-HDMI (nvidia) mobo with the s2-liplianin drivers for my Nova SD2 card.

[vdr] sysinfo 0.1.0a

2009-06-01 Thread Scott Waye
Hi, I am trying to get this plugin working with vdr 1.7.7. When I bring it up from the menu it segmentation faults. The relevant sections from the backtrace are : #0 0x004a4b2d in cBitmap::DrawText (this=0x2acb4e0, x=10, y=3, s=0x7fdb8302fb90 SysInfo 0.1.0a, ColorFg=4278190080,

[vdr] xine settings for VDPAU SD and HD

2009-06-11 Thread Scott Waye
I'm trying to get VDPAU working so I can watch HD TV, but I'm having trouble getting a good picture. My question is should I be using the xine options: --post vdr_video --post_audio or --post tvtime:method=use_vo_driver I dont understand what the difference is and whether one is preferred

Re: [vdr] No audio with recordings, XBMC frontend, LATM AAC

2009-08-12 Thread Scott Waye
On Tue, 2009-08-11 at 09:35 +1200, Alex Fazzari wrote: Hi, I'm setting up VDR using xbmc as a frontend as described here: http://xbmc.org/forum/showthread.php?t=45314highlight=audio I've got live streaming working well but have an issue with recordings where no audio comes through. I

Re: [vdr] vdr and xbox 360

2010-02-05 Thread Scott Waye
Have you looked at XBMC? -- Scott - Reply message - From: martinez marti...@embl.de Date: Fri, Feb 5, 2010 12:30 Subject: [vdr] vdr and xbox 360 To: vdr@linuxtv.org I have an xbox 360 able to run unsigned code and to interact (as all xbox 360s) with a microsoft media center. I have

Re: [vdr] xineliboutput - choppy problem

2010-05-15 Thread Scott Waye
Have you tried with the CPU governor turned off? I know you said the CPU is not busy, but worth elimninating. Scott Sent from my HTC - Reply message - From: Jiri Jansky jans...@fel.cvut.cz Date: Sat, May 15, 2010 22:12 Subject: [vdr] xineliboutput - choppy problem To: VDR Mailing List

Re: [vdr] xineliboutput - pausing playback takes time

2010-08-11 Thread Scott Waye
Yes, I have same symptoms, no vdpau here. I put it down to the client clearing through its buffer, but that's just a guess. Sent from my HTC - Reply message - From: JJussi v...@jjussi.com Date: Wed, Aug 11, 2010 12:47 Subject: [vdr] xineliboutput - pausing playback takes time To: VDR

[vdr] Trouble with picture Lost lock/regained lock

2010-09-05 Thread Scott Waye
I've recently started having problems with my picture (breaks up/stops altogether). In trying to diagnose the problem I see this from vdr (1.7.15) when starting vdr-sxfe (remote) from xineliboutput (cvs from 4/9/10): Sep 5 21:23:29 giradot vdr-sxfe[10886]: [10903] [demux_vdr] PMT changed,

Re: [vdr] vdr segfaults with glibc 2.12.2

2011-01-18 Thread Scott Waye
Thanks a lot. I used: --enable-kernel=2.6.36 and it works fine now. -- Scott On 12/01/2011 00:11, David Spicer wrote: It turns out that the problem was known already. The fix is to rebuild Arch's x86_64 glibc 2.12.2 package with the --enable-kernel configure option set to one of the Good

[vdr] Email problem - who is the postmaster?

2011-02-14 Thread Scott Waye
Hi, What is the postmaster email address for this list? I get some of the messages 7 times 20 minutes apart. -- Scott ___ vdr mailing list vdr@linuxtv.org http://www.linuxtv.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/vdr

Re: [vdr] Email problem - who is the postmaster?

2011-02-16 Thread Scott Waye
/2011 16:28, VDR User wrote: On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 8:25 AM, Stefan Tafernertafer...@kde.org wrote: Am Mittwoch, 16. Februar 2011, um 16:05:44 schrieb Paul Menzel: Dear Scott, Am Montag, den 14.02.2011, 19:54 + schrieb Scott Waye: What is the postmaster email address for this list? sorry

[vdr] Pausing live video with xineliboutput

2011-10-16 Thread Scott Waye
Hi, Most of my vdr/xineliboutput/vdr-sxfe setup works well, except for pausing live tv. When the pause button is pressed there is quite a long pause before the video and audio are stopped - 5 seconds is typical. Once paused, pressing Play does nothing, and eventually it looks like

[vdr] xineliboutput problem

2011-11-17 Thread Scott Waye
Hi, I upgraded my xinelib-1.2 to the latest from hg, recompiled xineliboutput and its frontends and now vdr-sxfe will not start. I get this in the log: Nov 17 22:56:26 giradot vdr-sxfe[6256]: [6256] [scrnsaver] Error: The name org.gnome.ScreenSaver was not provided by any .service files

[vdr] vdr-sxfe OSD transparency

2012-08-12 Thread Scott Waye
Hi, Upgraded a bunch of stuff (vdr - 1.7.28, xinelib - latest from hg) and I've lost my transparent OSD (ST:TNG) when using vdr-sxfe. What is it that controls the transparency of the OSD? Does vdr overlay the OSD onto the video, or is it sent as a separate layer somehow to the output

Re: [vdr] Does anyone see this or is the VDR mailing list broken?

2013-02-06 Thread Scott Waye
Received ok here. -Original Message- From: VDR User user@gmail.com Sent: ‎06/‎02/‎2013 23:43 To: mailing list: vdr vdr@linuxtv.org Subject: [vdr] Does anyone see this or is the VDR mailing list broken? A few people have expressed concern now so I'm sending a test posting out.

Re: [vdr] [ANNOUNCE] VDR version 2.0.0 released

2013-03-31 Thread Scott Waye
Thanks Klaus for a really nice piece of software. -- Scott On 31/03/2013 04:48, Klaus Schmidinger wrote: VDR version 2.0.0 is now available at ftp://ftp.tvdr.de/vdr/vdr-2.0.0.tar.bz2 A 'diff' against the previous developer version is available at

[vdr] Which epg for Sky UK

2013-04-13 Thread Scott Waye
Hi, I used to use freesat diff patch to get the 10 day schedule from UK Freesat (BSkyB 28.2E), but seems its not been supported much for a while so I wonder what others are using? -- Scott ___ vdr mailing list vdr@linuxtv.org

Re: [vdr] Which epg for Sky UK

2013-04-23 Thread Scott Waye
Cant help with Italia, but ITV2-4 have full schedules here using that patch (vdr.eepg-patch-1.7.35) On 23/04/2013 19:48, Teemu Suikki wrote: Hi! Is anyone using this patch with Sky Italia? It doesn't work for me. Also with Sky UK, I have full epg for many channels, but missing for some.