Re: [viff-devel] VIFF and random numbers

2010-07-06 Thread Ivan Bjerre Damgård
It is not good to use the wrong kind of PRG, it should be fixed as soon as possible. But do we know that os.urandom will be OK on any platform, or is this OS -dependent at the end of the day? - Ivan On 06/07/2010, at 15.22, Thomas P Jakobsen wrote: VIFF itself as well as most protocols

Re: [viff-devel] [issue80] Broadcast

2009-03-10 Thread Ivan Bjerre Damgård
. 12.23 skrev Ivan Bjerre Damgård: It can definitely be useful to have a broadcast method, for instance to complete the implementation of the asynchronous maliciously secure protocol, we will need broadcast. But one needs to be careful about what kind of security we want. There is a whole