Re: [viff-devel] A java implementation of VIFF

2009-08-18 Thread Thomas P Jakobsen
Nice work!

It would be interesting to see how it performs compared to VIFF.

Best regards,
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[viff-devel] A java implementation of VIFF

2009-08-17 Thread Tord Ingolf Reistad


As some of you might know I have not programmed that much in VIFF 
because I am more familiar with C++ and Java than Python as a 
programming language. Therefore I have now created a Java rival to VIFF. 
Taking all the good design principles from VIFF and adding some things 
that VIFF cannot offer such as multi-threading.

The program still has one drawback, in that the different players 
communicate over Java queues, and these queues cannot communicate 
through sockets. Therefore it is not a complete MPC implementation.

The following things have been implemented:
Sharing, Negation and Revealing of Shares.
Adding and Multiplication between Shares and/or Field elements.
The shares are computed using Shamir's secret sharing scheme.
The algorithm, sharing scheme and communication parts have all been 
separated so it can be modified easily.

The whole program was programmed and tested in just 34 hours (including 
6 hours sleep).  It contains 2115 lines of code and 32 classes, some 
parts where heavily influenced by previous programming attempts. 
Programmed in NetBeans.

For anyone interested in the code I have dropped of a zip of the code at


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