Re: Vim + MzScheme on Ubuntu

2007-02-11 Thread George V. Reilly
[Moving this to vim-dev] Taylor Venable wrote: On Wed, 07 Feb 2007 00:08:29 -0800 George V. Reilly [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I tried to build Vim with MzScheme support on Ubuntu a few months ago and couldn't figure out what I needed to do to get MzScheme included in Vim. I got everything

Re: Vim + MzScheme on Ubuntu

2007-02-11 Thread Bram Moolenaar
George V. Reilly wrote: Bram, 'make install' fails because there are no *.vim files in runtime/spell. I'm using the latest stuff out of Subversion *except* for the runtime files, which are fetched with Tony's rsync invocation: rsync -avzcP --delete --exclude=/dos/

Fwd: mac gui tabline v5

2007-02-11 Thread Nicolas Weber
Hi, vim-mac stripped the attachment again. I hope it comes through on this list. Anfang der weitergeleiteten E-Mail: Von: Nicolas Weber [EMAIL PROTECTED] Datum: 11. Februar 2007 21:13:53 MEZ An: vim mac [EMAIL PROTECTED] Betreff: mac gui tabline v5 Hi everyone, Michael Wookey suggested

Re: bug: commandline not visible after :tabedit in maximized window

2007-02-11 Thread Václav Šmilauer
[Bram, sorry for sending to your personal address by accident for the first time] What system? If Unix: what GUI? Sorry for not mentioning that. I am running the gnome GUI on Linux. I double-checked on a different machine to exclude the influence of the breakindent patch that is also

Win64-related patches

2007-02-11 Thread George V. Reilly
* Win64 changes to make code compile cleanly: eval.c, misc2.c, if_ole.* * Fixed install.exe bug * Fixed annoying warning from Explorer about gvimext.dll * Fixed gvim.exe.mnf to be cross-platform. No longer needs to be generated from Make_mvc.mak * Re-fixed spell.c so that it works with VC6. Unit