Re: Win64-related patches

2007-02-12 Thread Bram Moolenaar

George Reilly wrote:

 * Win64 changes to make code compile cleanly: eval.c, misc2.c, if_ole.*
 * Fixed install.exe bug
 * Fixed annoying warning from Explorer about gvimext.dll
 * Fixed gvim.exe.mnf to be cross-platform. No longer needs to be generated
   from Make_mvc.mak
 * Re-fixed spell.c so that it works with VC6. Unit tests go into an infinite
   loop otherwise.
 * Updated INSTALLpc.txt to reflect that Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition is
   now free forever, recommending it over the VC 2003 Toolkit.
 * Cleaned up Make_mvc.mak, incorporating (and fixing) recent patches from
   Alexei Alexandrov and Mike Williams
 * Added mkdist.bat to copy all of the installable files to vim70 directory,
   where they are zipped up, for later installation on Win64 or Win32.
 * Made a futile attempt to get gvim.nsi building. Just building.
   Never mind running on Win64.
 * Fixed a bug in test60: test60.ok must have Unix line endings
 I have tested this code with the VS 98 (VC6), VS .NET 2003 (VC 7.1),
 VS 2003 Toolkit (VC 7.1), Visual Studio 2005 (VC8), Visual Studio 2005
 Express Edition (VC 8), and the VS 2005 x64 cross-compiler.
 I'll re-test the Win64 binaries on a borrowed AMD64 machine at work 
 As of yesterday, I was able to use install.exe to successfully install
 gvim and register gvimext.dll, giving the Edit with Vim entry in
 the Explorer context menu. Once everything is retested, I'll make fresh
 Win64 binaries available.

Great, thanks.  I'll add this to the todo list and await comments.

 One bug that I didn't fix. Build gvim.exe with OLE=no, run 'gvim -register',
 and watch it crash while trying to display an error message.

Should be easy to fix...

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Re: newrw 107 and ':e .'

2007-02-12 Thread A.J.Mechelynck

Bernhard Walle wrote:

* A.J.Mechelynck [EMAIL PROTECTED] [2007-02-12 02:47]:

Bernhard Walle wrote:


after I installed netrw 107 in my ~/.vim, I cannot browse a directory

   :e /path/to/dir

any more. That's annoying because also bookmarks don't work in the
directory browser and there are some other problems. Can somebody
help? Thanks!

Works for me on openSUSE Linux 10.2 using:

VIM - Vi IMproved 7.0 (2006 May 7, compiled Feb 11 2007 01:13:11)
Included patches: 1-192
Huge version with GTK2-GNOME GUI.  Features included (+) or not (-):

$VIMRUNTIME/plugin/netrwPlugin.vim dated Jul 18, 2006
$VIMRUNTIME/autoload/netrw.vim v107 dated Jan 03, 2007
$VIMRUNTIME/autoload/netrwFileHandlers.vim v9 dated May 30, 2006
$VIMRUNTIME/autoload/netrwSettings.vim v9a ASTRO-ONLY dated Jul 28, 2006

but that's vim compiled by yourself and netrw.vim not installed in
$HOME, right?

Maybe someone could help to tell me what code registers at vim to run
as directory handler?


It's Vim compiled by myself, from no other sources than Bram's official ones 
(including 192 official patches).

I didn't need to install netrw under ~/.vim because updating my runtime files 
from the official Vim site upgraded my netrw (under $VIMRUNTIME) to v107: see 
the 2nd of the fout netrw-related pathfilenames above.

If you're on Linux and have the Vim sources installed, you can do the following:

1) Remove all netrw files from ~/.vim and $VIM/vimfiles
2) cd to the top build directory, e.g.
 cd ~/.build/vim/vim70
 rsync -avzcP --delete --exclude=/dos/ ./runtime/
 cd src
 make installruntime
5) Check that you have no other netrw files in the production directories 
(those listed in 'runtimepath' and their subdirs) than the four listed above 
(or newer versions of the same).

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Re: bug: commandline not visible after :tabedit in maximized window

2007-02-12 Thread Bram Moolenaar

Vaclav wrote:

 [Bram, sorry for sending to your personal address by accident for the first 
   What system?  If Unix: what GUI?
 Sorry for not mentioning that. I am running the gnome GUI on Linux. I 
 double-checked on a different machine to exclude the influence of the 
 breakindent patch that is also applied. It seems that it works differently 
 with Metacity WM than with the Xfce window manager (running the same program 
 locally is different from running it remotely); also, the machine with 
 Metacity is xinerama-doublehead, which may make some bugs in the WM code 
 show up. I will install a clean version here and try to determine if it is 
 really a vim bug.

I assume you are using GTK then.  If you use GTK + Gnome then try
recompiling Vim without Gnome.  The Gnome libraries introduce some

The window manager may do things that Vim can't handle.  Whether that's
the fault of the window manager or Vim is hard to decide.

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patch 7.0.193

2007-02-12 Thread Bram Moolenaar

Patch 7.0.193
Problem:Using --remote or --remote-tab with an argument that matches
'wildignore' causes a crash.
Solution:   Check the argument count before using ARGLIST[0].
Files:  src/ex_cmds.c

*** ../vim-7.0.192/src/ex_cmds.cTue Sep  5 18:28:45 2006
--- src/ex_cmds.c   Tue Feb 13 03:47:52 2007
*** 6967,6972 
--- 6967,6980 
+ /*
+  * Expanding wildcards may result in an empty argument list.  E.g. when
+  * editing foo.pyc and .pyc is in 'wildignore'.  Assume that we
+  * already did an error message for this.
+  */
+ if (ARGCOUNT == 0)
+   return;
  # ifdef FEAT_WINDOWS
  if (
*** ../vim-7.0.192/src/version.cWed Feb  7 03:42:37 2007
--- src/version.c   Tue Feb 13 03:47:08 2007
*** 668,669 
--- 668,671 
  {   /* Add new patch number below this line */
+ /**/
+ 193,

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