Re: Fwd: mac gui tabline v5

2007-02-28 Thread Kyle Wheeler

On Sunday, February 11 at 09:34 PM, quoth Nicolas Weber:


vim-mac stripped the attachment again. I hope it comes through on  
this list.

I like it! But it has a weird problem for me... if the focus is on 
some other application (say,, and I click on the vim 
window's tab list edge, the window will resize itself to be extremely 

Any ideas?

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Re: [macvim] modifiers should be applied to special keys too (patch)

2006-09-24 Thread Kyle Wheeler

On Sunday, September 24 at 08:46 PM, quoth Nicolas Weber:
here's a patch to current svn that applies modifier keys (shift,  
ctrl, cmd etc) to special keys as well. With this patch, Shift-Left/ 
Right work and some of the mapping problems some people complained  
about on [EMAIL PROTECTED] should be fixed too.

HUZZAH! This is fantastic! (I use ctrl-/ as a mapping for :nohlsearch, 
and I've been sorely missing it in MacVim.)

Please test this patch and tell me about any regressions you find.

Well, I get these errors:

gui_mac.c:2018: warning: return type defaults to 'int'
gui_mac.c: In function 'gui_mac_doKeyEventCarbon':
gui_mac.c:2097: warning: suggest parentheses around  within ||
gui_mac.c: In function 'gui_mch_init':
gui_mac.c:3081: warning: passing argument 1 of 'NewEventHandlerUPP' 
from incompatible pointer type

I haven't noticed any regressions, but I'll keep my eyes open.

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spellchecking with curly-quotes

2006-09-16 Thread Kyle Wheeler


I frequently compose text that uses curly quotes (’) in words (e.g. 
women’s). I also use the spell checker a lot. Unfortunately, the 
(utf-8) curly quote seems to confuse the spell checker. While 
women's is accepted as a correct spelling, women’s causes the 
trailing s to be highlighted as a misspelling.

Does anyone know if there's a way (perhaps by patching vim) to get 
curly quotes to be treated the same as single quotes?

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Re: poll?

2006-07-21 Thread Kyle Wheeler

On Friday, July 21 at 07:11 PM, quoth A.J.Mechelynck:

Mikolaj Machowski wrote:

Dnia czwartek, 20 lipca 2006 23:55, Bram Moolenaar napisał:

Yakov Lerner wrote:

Bram, How about posting a poll on site ?
Two polls ! (1) Do you you vim6 or vim 7 ?
(2) Do you use console-mode-vim or gvim ?

What would we do with the outcome?

While I don't understood reason for first poll second should give
insight what todo items should get bigger priority.

Isn’t that the entire purpose of ?

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