Re: VimWiki - released finally

2007-06-05 Thread Nico Weber
Hi, Finally I have imported all the vim tips from to if you must have ads, would it be possible to go with text-only ads? Additionally, the Digg this story button at the bottom is stupid ;-) Just my destructive 2 cents, Nico

Re: breakindent, take 2

2007-05-29 Thread Nico Weber
Hi, What do you think? I prefer (c) from implementation, efficiency and intuitivity perspective. I agree. Strongly. Great patch, by the way :-) - Nico

Three small patches

2007-05-16 Thread Nico Weber
Hi, I wanted to send this several days ago, but the lists kept rejecting my mails (silently). Took me a while to figure out that my mail client started send mails from instead of Hi, here are some low-risk patches to improve the mac experience of vim 7.1. I hope they