Re: VimWiki - released finally

2007-06-05 Thread Nico Weber


Finally I have imported all the vim tips from to

if you must have ads, would it be possible to go with text-only ads?  
Additionally, the Digg this story button at the bottom is stupid ;-)

Just my destructive 2 cents,

Re: breakindent, take 2

2007-05-29 Thread Nico Weber


What do you think? I prefer (c) from implementation, efficiency and  
intuitivity perspective.

I agree. Strongly.

Great patch, by the way :-)

- Nico

Three small patches

2007-05-16 Thread Nico Weber


I wanted to send this several days ago, but the lists kept rejecting  
my mails (silently). Took me a while to figure out that my mail  
client started send mails from instead of


here are some low-risk patches to improve the mac experience of vim  
7.1. I hope they can be included before the release :-)

contextmenu1.diff, contextmenu2.diff: On intel macs, the context menu  
doesn't work, because the test if the system provides context menus  
is not endian-agnostic. Version 1 of this patch fixes the test.  
Version 2 removes the test altogether, since all versions of OS X  
support context menus. Version 2 does also remove a call to a  
deprecated function (InitContextualMenus()). I believe these checks  
are from before Apple used ppc chips...I'd suggest including version 2.

doc.diff: Two tiny documentation fixes.

dimscrollbars.diff: When a window does not belong to the active  
application, its controls should be deactivated (dimmed). Normally,  
the standard event handler does this for free, but mac vim does (not  
yet) use the standard event handler, so this patch does it manually.

Note that the tab drawer _does_ use the standard event handler, so  
without this patch the drawer's scrollbar is dimmed while the main  
scrollbar(s) are not when vim is not active, which looks kinda weird.


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